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• How do we increase our productivity, when we’re already working at maximum

How do we take more time off to get the rejuvenation we need, when we have
so much to do?

How do we deal with the increasing distractions and interruptions that
are taking our attention away from the high-value work that makes us the most

How do we systemize our productivity, and create habits that work for us
naturally and automatically every day? How do we identify those activities in our life and business that will give us the highest possible return, and make us the most making decisions - using it up before we even know what happened to it.

• Big shifts happened for me when I stopped checking email and messages first thing, and instead, invested the first hour of my day in exercise, meditation and finding my agenda - rather than getting on someone else’s agenda.

• Next, I began working in focused, uninterrupted blocks of time on my highest value activities in my business. This resulted in a massive increase in productivity.

• Steven Covery: Put the “big rocks” into your day first, otherwise they’ll never get in.

• Consider opportunity cost first: Is there a better way for me to be investing my time?

What is my highest value activity? How could I do more of it?

• Mistake to avoid: Getting into actions without knowing what the VALUE is of the action to them long-term - not knowing the difference between an activity that’s only going to give them a little result, or an activity that’s going to increase the value of their business and pay them dividends and profits for the long-term.

• For most of us, we haven’t gotten crystal clear on the handful of activities that bring us the highest returns - that profit us the most - and then organizing our days, weeks and lives around making sure those activities get done.

• Use the Productivity Pyramid to identify those activities that generate the highest value for you in the short and long-term. Do this exercise regularly to refine and clarify what your highest-value activities are, so you can do them every day... first thing.

• Put this Wake Up Productive tips sheet somewhere that you’ll see it in the morning, and before bed... to keep you on track with this material!  
High Lifetime Value Activities.

High Dollar Per Hour Activities.

Low Dollar Per Hour Activities

Zero Or Negative Value Activities.

The Productivity Pyramid Exercise.
Productivity Chart

Begin by identifying the activities you do each day. Once you have identified the “High Lifetime Value” and “High Dollar Per Hour Value” activities in your life, arrange your days so that you do those activities first - in order to create the most value, and create the most success for yourself. Tip: “Steal” time from your “Low Dollar Value” and “Zero Or Negative Value” activities, and invest it in the higher-value work in your life and business. 

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