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Many website owners make the mistake of getting someone that has never made money online, build and design their website.

Then, they wonder way they're not making any money from it!

Lee Romanov, has personally made millions of dollars from her websites, and over sees the design before it goes out to our webmasters.

Lee Romanov will also consult with you about the goal of your website. This way the right search engine optimization (SEO) is put in place.

Lee is one of the few people in North America who has been certified as an SEO Expert.

 To connect with Lee Romanov, please complete the form to the right. 

  • Our webmaster services begin at $50 US per hour. 
  • Creating full websites can range between $500 to $3500.
  • Every job is unique and is quoted separately.

  • We also create Home page videos for $100. 

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