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Income Activator
 gives you a Business In A Box.

Lee Romanov has 'Cracked the Code' on how to create 'True Online Wealth.' Romanov reports, "All you need is a small group of people who want to create their own online income. And who wants to create their own online income? Everyone!"


The Business In A Box gives you everything a business needs. An Income Website, TV Show Spotlight, Branding, Sponsors, Media Contacts, and Weekly Mentoring!
Business In A Box

Each component of the Business in a Box can be purchased separately, although to save money, everything is included for $3,497 annually.

1) All-Inclusive Website Builder

Your All-Inclusive Website Builder includes Hosting, an E-commerce Store, Membership Software, Pay-Per-Click Tracking, and Lead Tracking Forms where you can send leads to businesses that pay you.

To purchase the Website Builder separately
costs $720 annually. You can also request us to build your website for you.

2) TV Show Spotlight

You get your own TV Show Spotlight promoting you and your business to an audience of over 50 million viewers! 

This 5 minute TV Show Spotlight live streams on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV and Android TV.  If you can create a YouTube video, you can have your own TV Show Spotlight!

This is a $2,000 value that is included in your Business in a Box. 

3) Branding Made Easy

You don't have to guess what your Brand is, the Admanity branding Report tells you the exact emotions, colors, copying writing & strategies you need for your brand's success.

Note: This does not include a free consultation with Brian.

You also get access to the Stock Photos for only $5 per photo.
This is a $951 value that is included in your Business in a Box.

4) Sponsorship

Get Sponsored For $1,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 Annually. This is money you don't have to pay back!

You get a list of 500 Corporate Sponsor contacts. Plus, a Sponsorship Package Template that walks you through the steps to creating your sponsorship package.

This is a $1599 value that is included in your Business in a Box.

5) Media Contacts

MEDIA COVERAGEReceive 400 of the Top Radio Talk Show Contacts and get LIVE ON AIR.

These Radio talk Shows have proven listening audiences between 50,000 and 100,000 listeners.

This is $1000 value that is included in your Business in a Box.

6) Weekly Mentoring
mentoring meetings
Our Best Marketing and Revenue Strategies by industry experts are presented every Wednesday at 3 pm PST.

You also receive Mentoring, plus you're invited to Network with others and make your own business connections.

We EmPOWER You Business In A Box Membership


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