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Everyone Needs To Know How To Create Real Online Income

All-Inclusive Business Platform

When you join the 
We EmPOWER You Membership you get an All-inclusive Business Platform with services and benefits, in excess of $20,000, for only $1599 annually.

Ready-To-Go Membership Package

Don't waste your time and money creating and managing a Membership package. Instead, you can use this Membership 
as Your Own, giving your clients an All-Inclusive Business Platform second to none!  Plus you can; 

1. Add your own service to this Membership, increasing it’s value. 2. Sell the Membership & receive 50% commission, annually, from renewals. 3. Sell quarterly Summit registrations & exhibitor space & receive 30% commission.

This Membership is designed to create true wealth for you.  We show you how to make money online and give you the website platform to do it. You also give your own TV Show Spotlight + Corporate Sponsorship connections.  Plus, every week we get together providing additional help, revenue strategies and new opportunities. 

Your We EmPOWER You Membership Includes:

we empower you summit

1)  Weekly Meetings On Revenue Strategies
Weekly meetings provide proven revenue strategy sessions through Zoom. Lee Romanov, president of Income Activator. Lee's made millions of dollars online and will be showing how you can do the same. Plus, additional experts share their revenue strategies too. There is networking and Q & A Time.

make money online

2)  Online Revenue Platform
You get Income Activator's Website, Revenue Software & Hosting. You get an Online Store, Award Winning eBook Templates, Marketing Strategies with 'How To Videos', Membership Software, Lead Tracking & Directory Software that allows you to sending leads to yourself and to businesses that pay you. 

have your own tv show3) TV Show & Promotion
You receive Your Own TV Show Spotlight featured on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play and Roku TV, with a viewership of over 50 million.

This is a  5 minute Spotlight where you can promote you and your business. Content must be approved. 

impressions and voice overs4) Voice Over Intros 
Actor, writer, producer, voice over, singer and impressionist Jayde Matthews will do an intro for your TV Show, commercial or video.  Jayde does cartoon voices as well as over 250 actors such as Arnold, Elvis and can do any other voice you wish. This will make your production stand out!

angel sponsors5) Sponsorship Package
This Sponsorship Package is designed to get sponsorship dollars between $10,000 to $100,000 annually. It includes the Sponsorship Template Proposal and a list of 500 Corporations and the contacts that sponsor budding entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. 

values negotiations6) Negotiations - How To Get What You Want
Dr. Betty™ has been transforming business through her top level negotiating strategies. She will be holding a private one hour webinar. 


7) BRAND... New You!
It is about Social Media Content Mapping for Branding. This teaches you to take the overwhelm out of Social Media posting. 

membership strategy8) Make $1000 A Day
Bettina Carey steps you through exactly how you can promote or create profitable Memberships that can bring you in $1000 A Day. Best of all, you don't have to be talented in any specific area or an expert in anything. 

business evaluation9) Business Evaluation
You will be taken through a series of questions to make you think twice one how you are operating your business and what you need to change or add to increase your profits. Then you will relieve a private consultation with marketing expert. 

tax evaluation10) Tax Evaluation
Don't give anymore money to the government than you have to. This business tax evaluation will put $100s if not $1000s of dollars back into your pocket. 

business boot camp 10111) Business BootCamp
Learn how to start, develop, finance and manage your business while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls. Our Consulting & Coaching are included in our Business BootCamp Series. 

body mind blueprint12)  Body Mind Blueprint Reboot
Manifesting what you want in life may not have anything to do with your thoughts but by your body being out of balance with your mind. This program will allow you to see if you have body imbalances that may be holding you back

relax to success13) Relax Your Way To Success
Let's face it, business is stress and the less stress you have the better your business does. You will learn strategies on how to cope with the stressors in any situation! 

celebrity josh14) Red Carpet Interview
Celebrity Josh interviews, guess who? Celebrities, like Jim Carrey, James Franco and Jessica Chastain. You get to be interviewed by Celebrity Josh. Plus, he'll be posting your interview on his social media sites for all to see! 

online empowerment consultation15)  Member Promotions
You have the opportunity to promote your business to the members through a complimentary consultation and receive special offers from other member services too. 

You will be networking with experts, worldwide. 

you win

The Value of this Strategic Package is in excess of $60,000 

This membership shows you how to make money online, through memberships, get sponsored, promote your business through TV networks and establish relationships with other successful business people so you can do joint partnerships and promotions. Best of all we meet with you every week!


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