This Video Will Change The Way You Work Online

Why Aren't We All Internet Millionaires?!

Have you ever wondered why some people become
Internet Millionaires and others don't?

Are they smarter?

Have better tech skills?

Just plain lucky?


They Just Picked The Wrong Revenue Model

There's ONLY 2 Online Revenue Models to choose from. If you picked sales, you picked the wrong one.

Sales: For you to make money from sales, your visitor has to spend their money.

Leads: For you to make money from leads, your visitor gets free information, discounts, or a free consultation.

What do you think is easier... getting a visitor to pull out their credit card, or getting them to request a free consultation?


Sales is a "Consumer Pay Model"

1% Of Traffic May Buy From You  

Consumers Don't Have Sales Budgets

Your Revenue Is Based On Sales


Leads is a "Corporate Pay Model"

40% Of Traffic Can Covert To Leads  

Corporations Have Sales Budgets

Revenue Is Based On Recommendations

Here's What It Takes To Make $120,000 A Year

Selling a $20 Product


Costs $10 To Create & Ship + Returns.
50% profit margin & 1% may buy from you.

You need 3,300 people a day to your website
making 33 sales daily.

Sending a $20 Lead


Refer visitors to companies paying per lead.
100% profit & 40% follow your recommendations.

You need 40 people a day to your website
sending 17 leads daily.

What It Takes To Make $1 Million Dollars A Year


You need 27,540 people a day to you website
making 274 sales daily.


You need 345 people a day to your website
sending 137 referrals daily.


Traffic Is Your Barrier To Becoming A Millionaire

For Sales You Need 27,540 Visitors A Day

The number of visitors you need per day to your website is a HUGE barrier when trying to make money online by selling to the consumer.

For Leads You Need 345 Visitors A Day

The number of visitors you need per day to your website is completely reasonable when trying to make money by sending leads to companies.

You Do It Everyday. NOW You Can Get Paid For It

You tell people which is the best Lawyer to go to...
(Lawyers Pay Up to $200 per lead)

Where to get the best deal on a mortgage...
(Mortgage Brokers Pay Up To $50 per lead)

Or which dermatologist can turn back the clock...
(Dermatologists Pay Up to $100 per lead)

Sending LEADS to companies that pay you is a HUGE opportunity for you to take advantage of, and build 
into your business. In fact, you might already be making money from it... thousands of people already are...

But if you aren't, or want to greatly grow what you're already doing, then pay close attention...

All BIG Money Companies Profit From Leads

Google * Priceline * AngiesList * * YouTube * Facebook

It seems that people either IGNORE it, or just don't understand it enough to realize how truly great it is...

Learn How To Send Leads To Companies That Pay You

Lee Romanov, president of, has been sending leads to companies since 1994, and has made millions of dollars online from it. She's also created software that can be easily embedded into your WordPress website so that you can do this too.

Lee is giving a rock solid step-by-step 1 day seminar showing you:

1. Where to get companies that will pay you for leads.

2. How to determine what a lead is worth.

3. What information you need to create a referral programs.

4. How to integrate referral forms it into your website or blog.

5. How to dominate your market, and become a global authority.

This course gives you tons of strategies you can apply immediately, and a 'realistic' blueprint, so that you can begin sending leads to companies that pay you immediately!

This 1 day seminar will honestly be one of the best Internet business seminars you have ever attended. It will instantly give you a HUGE revenue stream to tap into. It will also change the way you do business online!

You'd be crazy not to attend!

Lee Romanov is one of North America's top Internet markets on sending leads to companies that pay. Lee gives entrepreneurs an action plan they can use to generate referral revenue online. is a powerful all-inclusive website builder that includes 10 Revenue Streams anyone can activate.

IncomeActivator's Referral Revenue Software is easily embedded into your WordPress website. It sends the leads, tracks them, and automatically creates your invoices.

If you would like more information, before registering, feel free to contact Lee Romanov directly at 949-630-3346. 

Seminar Registration

This is a full day seminar. Coffee and lunch is included.

Coronado Complex - 1700 E 16th St.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
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Saturday, April 11, 2015, from 10 AM - 4 PM



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