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Making Money Online has been my only source of income since 1994, and you could say, I've perr-fected these Revenue Strategies.

That being said, I've found it easier to teach people how to create their own online income, by simply copying what I do. 

copy cat revenueLeading By Example

When promoting your business, if you do this One Thing, your Income will Increase from Zero to Hero, and you'll never look back!

The ONLY Thing You Need To Do  Is To Make Time In Your Weekly Schedule To Post Or Email Out The Promotions. The content has been created for you. 

even a dog can make money onlineIts FREE To Copy This & Make Online Income

The promotion we are giving you to copy is exactly what we are doing to create an annual income. This is free for you to do and we are giving you;

1. The Membership: As a 50/50 Partnership to promote (Membership Cost $1599) where you receive $800 per person, annually (100 People = $80,000 Annually).

2. Weekly Promotion Materials:  Topics / Emails & Social Media Postings & Page Content / Weekly Meetings & Videos.

This video will inspire you to start creating your online wealth! 


1.  It's free for you to use our emails to email to your contacts, and to post the content on your social media sites.
2. It's free to post this video & create your own Video Channels. MP4 Video Download.
3. Next week's promotion is on Wednesday, July 14th, on Click BaitHow To Entice People To Click To Your Content - The Promotional Content will be available on Monday, July 12th.  

We EmPOWER You Marketing Meeting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 14th, on Click Bait - How To Entice People To Click To Your Content Zoom at 3 pm PST, Sharp.
Meeting ID: 876 0623 1073  /  Password: 978703
See You At The Meeting,  Lee Romanov, President,


As you know,  the Corona Virus also killed businesses, but online businesses thrived!

Now everyone, worldwide, needs to seriously figure out how to make money online, and that's what I show you how to do at our Wednesday Meetings on Zoom, at 3 pm PST, Sharp. Meeting ID: 876 0623 1073  /  Password: 978703

I figured out how to make money online. I know that only 1% of traffic may Buy, where as up to 40% can turn in to Lead Revenue.

That's why most multi-million dollar websites create revenue from Leads NOT Sales. I suggest you watch the 2 minute video to the right, entitled 'What BIG Money Companies Do'

If you want to know how I figured this out, watch the 'Internet Emperors' video.  Interestingly, the website builders like WordPress, GoDaddy WIX, etc., don't even allow you to have the Lead Tracking Software used by the Multi-Million Dollar Tech & Social Media Websites. Mmmm... I Wonder why?

Income Activator's Website Builder has leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs allowing you to Do What BIG Money Companies Do. 

Plus, Bettina Carey, Founder of the We EmPOWER You Membership has packaged together what you need to create a recurring income. It includes Income Activator's Website Builder,  a TV Show, Sponsorship Package, Media Contacts, and a lot more. In fact, you can also include your own products or services in to the Membership for free.

The Cat's Meow, however, is when you start Copying our Revenue Strategies and see how it begins creating passive income for you.  See you at the Meeting!

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