It Pays Off... When You Get Good At Click Bait

click baitIdeally you want people to click to your website, then click to your Revenue Stream. Understanding how Click Bait works does this for you every time. 

This Marketing Meeting will stun, amaze, delight, shock, charm you & blow your mind.

I'll explain why people continually fall for clickbait. The process is simple & it works even when they recognize it for what it is.

JOIN US for our Marketing Meetings every Wednesday at 3 pm sharp, PST, on ZOOMMeeting ID: 876 0623 1073  /  Password: 978703 

The Science of Click Bait & How It Works

Websites Are Meant To Make Money

When you get good at Click Bait, it will increase your Visitor Traffic and your Online Income too! The fastest way to increase your income is to do what BIG Money Companies Do. 

Income Activator's Website Builder, levels the playing field, and gives you the lead tracking software used  by these multi-million dollar companies.

Bettina Carey, Founder of  We EmPOWER You, created a Lead & Sales revenue stream for you for free.

Bettina Carey will pay you $5 per lead for entrepreneurs you invite to the Weekly Marketing Meeting or will pay you $800 per person, annually, who joins the We EmPOWER You Membership100 people earns you 80,000 Annually!

Learn about the Science of Click Bait and how it works. JOIN ME on  Wednesday, July 14th at 3 pm sharp, PST, on ZOOM.
Meeting ID: 876 0623 1073  /  Password: 978703

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