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Facebook Makes Money...
From YOU Working For Them!

Every time you enter your comments, pictures or videos into your Facebook profile, they're making money from your visitors clicking on ads they placed around your content.

You're working for Facebook for free!

It's time for you to start adding your own content, to your own website, and make money from your own ads.


Here's a video I did with, a free service that you can use to create your own messages. I embedded the Plotagon website below for you to check out. Just scroll down to see it.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC Ads)

Income Activator tells you which companies to go to<
to put your own ads onto your own website, and start getting paid for it.

Google AdSense pays you directly into your bank account 68% of what the advertiser pays them when an ad is clicked on.

Your Own Pay Per Click Ads 

Income Activator also allows you to create your own Pay Per Click Ads, cutting out the middle man.

These PPC Ads can be worth $5, $10, $20 or more to some advertisers. You can see what advertisers are paying for PPC Ads by using Google's Keyword Planner


If a visitor clicking on an ad is worth $20 to an advertiser, imagine what a leads would be worth.

A lead is when your visitor completes a form to get the advertiser's contact information. One example of a leads would be if someone wanted a free consultation, or quote. 

Income Activator allows you to create referral forms that track your leads, and it automatically creates invoices you can send out to bill your advertisers with.

Here's an examples of a law website sending one lead to a lawyer. Law firms can pay up to $200 per lead.

Here's an example of a painting website sending one lead to 10 companies, all paying to quote on a painting job. If all 10 companies are paying $10 to quote, that's
$100 referral for YOU! 

Hope you learned something interesting today! 

Lee Romanov

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