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lee romanov TV HostYou're bored, and flipping through the TV channels looking for something that catches your eye, suddenly, there's a likable, credible-looking host staring you in the face.

They're excited, making you excited.

They may hint that... "They've got a secret - a secret that can make you money, and in the next 30 minutes, you'll see how to get in on some of the hottest business opportunities in the market place.

It'll show you how to get out of your daily grind, and into your own business, and to achieve the financial freedom you've been longing for and deserve.

You'll find out how you can make not 10, not 20, not even 50, but over 100 thousand or more in just months. So stay tuned....."

Then the announcer says, "Welcome to Income Activator TV with your host, Lee Romanov.

Now sit back, relax, and experience the latest and hottest business opportunities you can make a fortune with, and start today!"

(Music flourish. Fade to black.) Learn more about Income Activator TV.

Infomercial Persuasion: How & Why It Works At 12:30 am

I bet I got your attention. Odds are that 50 percent of the readers of this page would not change channels. And after a half-hour, I'd have gotten up to 15 percent of you to become engaged with the offer to either sign up or request more information.

It's called an infomercial. Infomercials, also called long-form television commercials, are 30-minute programs designed to motivate viewers to request more product information, or to place an immediate request to become part of your business opportunity, or franchise.

The body of the program informs, entertains, builds credibility, explains the benefits, and handles anticipated objections.

Charles Haskell Revson was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was best known as a pioneering cosmetics industry executive who created and managed Revlon through five decades.What infomercials do better than any other marketing medium is, in the immortal words of Charles Revson, "create demand."

Some infomercials may appear silly or tacky to you or me, but guess what? There's a good chance they were crafted particularly to create that image.

Why? Because a particular product or audience might not warrant a million-dollar production.

Many of these programs - the silly and the sophisticated - have one thing in common: they sell like crazy.

Why? Because they respond to the needs, demands, and tastes of their audiences.

They provide information that is important to their audience, in a way that is interesting to that audience.

How do we know? Because the audience votes - with its money.

Infomercials embody the basic idea of "Getting More Information" which explains why they have become such an incredibly powerful selling medium.

The More You Tell, The More You Sell

Study after study has reported that the buying public wants more information about the products and services it buys.

The character and sophistication may differ with the product and the audience, but buyers do want to know more. And that's what infomercials do - and, of course, sell.

Frankly, advertisers must understand the difference between the probable outcomes of their general advertising versus infomercials.

Thirty-second spot advertising is usually intended to affect consumer thinking, awareness, and attitude.

What direct marketers try to do - and what infomercials do so effectively - is lead viewers to the next stage, which is to take action.

Infomercials generate direct and immediate "over-the-television sales" or inspire viewers to call for more information.

6 Fundamental Reasons To Add Infomercials To Your Overall Media Mix

Your Informercial Segment:

1. Allows you to educate and excite an interested audience about your business opportunity.

2. Takes the viewer step-by-step through the persuasion process. Again, the more you tell, the more you sell.

3. Is accountable and measurable.

4. Increases brand identification, while making sales.

5. Creates greater viewer receptivity, viewer identification, and understanding of your product or service when viewers see it.

6. Tells a story in a way that awakens consumer interest, powerfully positions your company, and develops a strong emotional tie to produce immediate sales and leads.

How Spot Advertising Compares to Infomercials

30-Minute Infomercial

1. The most effective selling medium. Attracts an interested audience from a huge channel-surfing universe.

2. Created as freestanding, sponsored programming.

3. Focuses on many product features and benefits.

4. Each rating point equals interested prospects.

5. Infomercial show ratings are a true measure of interested prospects.

6. Enables measurement of resulting direct and/or retail sales.

7. Content features rich product information in a compelling format.

8. 28 minutes of total audience viewing time.

9. 50 percent average recall, up to six weeks later.

10. A new, outside-the-box marketing opportunity.

11. Unique and different - a $650 million media market.

12. Due to time duration, maximum effect.

13. Precise accountability.

A 30-Second Blurb

1. No way to measure viewer's interest while watching regular programming.

2. Dependent upon before-and-after host programming for viewers.

3. Focuses on just one or two features or benefits.

4. No correlation between ratings and interested prospects. Ratings reflect only the host show audience.

5. Rating points eroded due to approximately 45 percent of viewers who zap commercials.

6. Difficult to measure spot ad's connection to retail sales.

7. Little content, mostly imagery within a non-reality-based presentation.

8. 15 to 30 seconds average viewing time.

9. 15 percent to 15 percent next day unaided recall.

10. An old, and conservative marketing tool.

11. Clutter crisis-a $35 billion media market.

12. Due to brevity, minimum impact.

13. Little accountability.

Infomercial Profitability Effectiveness

1. Infomercials sell 2 to 5 times more than if available through other advertising vehicles.

2. Reaching millions of new customers and presenting a business opportunity for only a few cents per viewing household.

3. Generating qualified leads for only a few dollars.

4. Increasing annual revenues of thousands, or millions of dollars for many companies.

5. Reducing advertising costs per order and avoiding escalating print and mail costs.

6. Rapidly and cost-effectively introducing new business opportunities, products, and services to a new market.

Over the years, infomercial marketing has firmly embraced time-tested product categories that sell well.

Infomercial agencies have at their fingertips creative formulas that have been proven to stimulate response, as well as historical databases that help predict which media time slots are priced for maximum profitability.

Infomercial marketing is becoming an increasingly well-respected advertising venue.

Today, a great many Fortune 500 companies have followed in the footsteps of earlier infomercial entrepreneurs and benefited from the proven sales and creative strategies of long-form television advertising.

However, we should remember that this level of professionalism and acceptance did not appear overnight. In truth, it was about 50 years ago, long before the word infomercial had any meaning at all, that the groundwork was being laid by some of the most determined-not to mention successful-people in the annals of salesmanship.

The advent of commercial television was integral in this building process, as was the changing regulatory environment.

Today's long-form commercial successes are a result of lessons learned along the way.


  • Need to broaden your advertising reach? Consider the potential revenues being aired in a 30-minute infomercial.
  • Do you want to sell while you sleep?
  • Would your product lend itself to an advertising message that provides in-depth information and evokes an emotional response?
  • Could your television spot ad campaign use a boost? Infomercials and spot ads heighten the effectiveness of your total media mix.
  • Does your advertising require time to fully explain product points that will sell it?
  • Are you ready to have immediate feedback regarding your advertising effectiveness, not to mention your advertising expenditures?
  • Do you need to build a name for yourself and your product? Infomercials are proven to be effective at promoting brand name and image.
  • Do you need to "create demand"? Long-form commercials do it best.
  • Does "the more you tell, the more you sell" make sense to you?

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