How To Make Money Online Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Look at what the multi-million-dollar companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, AngiesList, Home Advisor, etc., are doing and copy it!

It's NOT what the Self-Proclaimed Gurus are telling you!

You DO NOT Make Money Online by Creating your Own Content, Products, and Selling to your Visitor Traffic.  NO Multi-Million Dollar Online Business Does That!

They get their Content for FREE and Send Leads To Businesses that Pay Them. That's It!

Lee Romanov discovered this formula in 1994. She made millions by getting the insurance company rates for free, and sending leads to insurance brokers that paid her.

As a testimony to the Profit & Life Span of Lead Revenue, her website,, bought by Media Giant TORSTAR, is still making millions of dollars online today.

All Multi-Million Dollar Internet Businesses Are HUBS

google moneyHave you ever noticed that Google's Home Page is just a Search Bar?

They make money sending Leads to businesses that pay them. 

Here's how it works. They pick an industry, they get their content for free & they send leads to businesses that pay them. That's it!

Facebook does not do profiles,  visitors upload their profiles, and Facebook makes money by sending leads to businesses that pay them.

YouTube does not create videos,  visitors upload their videos, and YouTube makes money by sending leads to businesses that pay them.

AngiesList is not a construction company,  industry people upload their services, and Angie makes money by sending leads to these businesses these pay.

Uber is the largest taxi service in the world,  it does not have cars, Uber sends leads to people that have cars.

Airbnb is the largest hotel in the world,  it does not have hotel rooms,  it sends leads to people that rent out their rooms and homes.
A Website Builder By Entrepreneur For Entrepreneurs

lee romanov hub revenueAfter Lee Romanov sold to TORSTAR, she noticed that all Website Builders like WordPress, GoDaddy, WIX, etc., did not include the Lead Tracking Software used by the multi-million dollar companies.  WHY?

The entrepreneurs were ONLY left with selling to their visitor traffic,  a revenue stream that the multi-million dollar companies would NEVER, ever, consider using. 

Lee decided to 'Level Playing Field' by creating the Only Website Builder,, that included the same Pay-Per-Click Tracking used by Google, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., & Lead Tracking 
software used by AngiesList, HomeAdvisor, etc.

no selling aIt's More Profilable NOT To Sell Anything

Think of it, you give your advice away for free everyday.

You refer your friends, family and business associates to businesses you recommended. Which lawyer gives free consultations, which accountant to use, or which yoga teacher is best, but when you do it online you can get paid for it.

The Money Is In The Recommendation!

recommedation revenueLee asks, "What's easier? Writing a book, creating a product, or a service, and trying to get a visitor to buy it, or asking a business if they're interested in you sending them qualified leads?"

1% of your visitor traffic may buy,  and in many cases once they buy,  now the real work starts in consultations, mentoring, and so forth.

To add insult to injury, many entrepreneurs try selling Affiliate Products. It is based on how good the affiliate’s tracking are links, their ability sell, and their reporting systems. I've found, even Google's reporting systems are flawed in their favor.

In contrast, you can get up to 40% of your visitor traffic clicking on links, or completing referral forms, sending leads to businesses that pay you. When creating an online income, it's imperative that you are in control of your advertisers, rates and billings. 

Recurring Income Gives You True Online Wealth

Romanov reports, "The next step is to create recurring income!"

recurring incomeWhen sending leads to the insurance brokers I was averaging about $50,000 a month, but I noticed that the insurance brokers were making millions from policy renewals.

When you don't sell into, or send leads into, something that will give you a recurring annual income you can't create True & Lasting Online Wealth. 

Instead, you'll be spending the rest of your life selling, selling, selling, or sending leads, sending leads, sending leads, just to create an ongoing income.

You must tie your selling, or leads, to an annual recurring income. 

Business In A Box Solution has created a Business in a Box that will give the entrepreneur a recurring income to sell into.  

Business In A BoxThe Business in a Box is a platform that every entrepreneur needs to skyrocket their online business.

It includes an E-Commerce Website with Lead Tracking, TV Show Spotlight Live Streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Roku TV and Android TV, Branding, Sponsors & Media Contacts, and Weekly Mentoring.

An entrepreneur can have the Business in a Box for free to sell, and make 50% of the $1599 cost. They receive $800 upon the sale, and annually on renewals. 100 clients will earn them $80,000 annually.

The entrepreneur can also add their own product or service to the Business in a Box, keeping the rate the same, or increasing it.  If they  are adding more value, they can increase whatever amount they wish to sell it for. If the increase it to $2,000, they earn $1,200 per sale, and annually too.

The sky's the limit on how many people they wish to bing on, and for what cost.

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