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If you want to use our Lead Tracking Software on your own website, or blog you'll need to get your own Income Activator Website. The cost is only $60 per month, click here to register.

plug in incomeYou can then access the software, and create your own referral forms. The software also tracks your leads, and creates your invoices.

Websites & Blogs

The Income Activator software works for most websites and blogs. Our programmers are available to help you through the set up.

Match Your Look & Feel  

When the Referral Forms are added we can match the look & feel of your exiting website.

If you decide to use the Income Activator Website Builder as your main website platform, you can easily copy over your content, and we'll attach your domain name for you. Income Activator includes a fully functional online e-commerce store, email messaging, pay-per-click and lead tracing, membership software, and more.


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