The are several ways to create a product or service.
There may be occasions that in no way would the example I'm giving will 'Fit' your 'Product' but don't worry, there will many many 'Ah Ha' examples to take from.

Improve On An Existing Information Product Already Selling On The Internet

Firstly I suggest you check out what is selling, and at what price points. You may be able to improve on an existing product by adding your own twist.
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 Create Your Own Information Products

This can be in the form of an eBook, CDS or Special Access to a LogIn section to your website. These can be highly profitable. There is no inventory and you can put whatever price on it your market will buy into.
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Use A Company That Allows You To Personalize Their Products - Mugs, T-Shirts, Hats, & More

Here your artistic and creative genius can shine. At no cost to you, there's a service that allows you to put your designs on their products, they take the payments, they mail out the product for you too, and then send you a cheque in the mail.
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You're Ready to Proceed to the Next Step: Selling An Existing Product.
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