You have to design your website to 'Instantly' allow a the person 'Buy Once . . . Then Buy Again.'

Imagine someone called you to buy your product or service.

Imagine reading the 'Front Page' of your Website over the phone to them. . . would they buy, or hang up?

The person that's visiting your Website is very much like the person calling on the Phone.

By the time the visitor has reached your Website, they want what you have . . . so give it to them. 

One of my Websites sold Car Insurance Referrals.
When a visitor came to my Website, it said For A Car Insurance Quote, Click Here.
And They Did. I didn't waste their time trying to convince them of the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Benefits of getting a Car Insurance Quote.

50% of all the people that came to my website got a Quote because that's why came, and I made it easy for them to do it.

If you've ever walked into a store that's so crowded, you've walked out, that's what many websites are like for their visitors. 

They're so full of 'Copy' you can't find what you're looking for.
You have about 2 seconds to satisfy your visitor before they click off.

Don't spend your precious 'Front Page Copy' convincing a visitor about why they should come to your website and buy your product.
They're already there. Make it easy for them to buy.

Don't Distract, Bore, or Confuse the Buying Process.

The Greatest Website in the World knows this
. Look at their front page, by clicking here

A 'Big Mistake' website owners make is they want to show everything they have on their 'Front Page.'

Google has a whole lot of 'stuff' to you sell too . . . 
BUT they know their 'Sales Funnel' & 'YOU' have know yours too
This is so important to Google that there's a person whose job it is to keep Google's Front Page 'Clear of Stuff.'
people don't walk into a store and buy everything. But, if you sell them 'One' thing . . . they'll buy again.

You need to Make the 1st Sale . . . before you can make a 2nd Sale

Selling is a STEP by STEP process.
1) It needs to be done in order, and
2) You need to guide your visitors through your buying process

Traffic + Conversion = Money 


You need to get people (commonly referred to as visitors) to you website. 

When you get a person to your site you need to:

1) Have them BUY
2) If they didn’t BUY, get their Email Address to market back to them, to get them to BUY

There are several ways of getting visitors to your website, so don’t worry, and don’t skip to these Steps as you will miss out on some Critical Steps to Making Money On Line.

For your reference, the Steps for getting Visitors to your site are Entitled:

Create and be true to your Sale’s Strategy. I call this your Sale’s Funnel.  Your pulls a visitor through the buying process of your website.

Your Funnel begins with your Sale’s Message.

Your Sale’s Message needs to be Targeted, Clear and Focused

a) Targeted: Ask yourself . . . Who are my potential buyers?

These are the people you need to find to talk to.

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