Partnership Promotions

You can make money through 'partnership promotions' by marketing a product to a complimentary company that has an email list of clients that could be potential buyers.

Informational and downloadable software products are good as they have higher commission rates. You can see a variety of these products if you go to

Click Bank is free to sign up, and has 1,000's of interesting products that sell for around $50 where there's a 50/50 split on the product price, per sale.

For example, let's say you're interested in one of the Click Bank products on the child Internet security software, Tattletale.
All you need to do is find a website business that's about parenting. Google is a great resource for this. For example, you could search for 'teaching my teenager.' Then search for websites where your product would be a good fit.

Websites featured at the top and right side of Google's Search Results are paying Google to promote their products. These website owners are Internet savvy and are more open to joint marketing promotions.

Click on any one of these companies, get their phone number from their website and call them and ask if they would be interested in promoting your product to their client base. Offer to share your commission with them as an incentive for either emailing your offer to their clients or by putting your product up for sale on their website. If one company says no, don't worry, just go down the list until you find one interested in 'doing business' with you.
Be careful to target your product to the right audience. For example, this monitoring software would be good for parents concerned about their child's online activities. Sales would be low if you're targeting to parents looking for the best online clothing stores for children.
Once you find the right target audience, find out who the website owner is. Call them and ask:
1. If they have a list of subscribers or a newsletter. The bigger the list the better.
2. If they would be interested in promoting this software as a benefit to their membership. 
If they agree, then you need create a compelling story that they can send to their client base or put up on their website and send them their tracking link.

Creating A Compelling Sales Pitch

You should create a compelling story and include pictures and a video supporting why parents should buy your product. You can use pictures and videos you find online to do this.

Compelling Story Example

The Internet holds all kinds of perils for children from pedophiles to pornography. Kids ‘hooking up’ on my space with other children – literally 100’s of them - develop serious relationships with people they've never met. One of these relationships could easily be with a pedophile. The Tattletale child monitoring software is an amazing way to monitor your child's Internet activities.
It keeps them safe and gives you Peace of Mind.
You can also include something extra with every purchase. In this case, you could include the 'Codes' predators use. You can find them online or call up an organization that would supply you with them. Make sure, after the purchase, your clients are directed back you your website to get the bonus offer. This way you can also track your sales to your give away offers to make sure they match and that you're not being short changed. 

Products & Tracking Links  

Find A Product To Sell
All affiliates have tracking links that you embed into your website that track your affiliate sales. You can also have tracking links to track the sales of your promotional partners.
Here's an example how to create Click Bank tracking links.
Click Bank has 1,000's of products you can sell online immediately. You can register with Click Bank for free.
1. Once registered, click on the link at the top of their page entitled Marketplace. It's in very small grey type and not easy to see.            

Product Selection

1. When you click on the 'marketplace' link, it will show you all the product categories to the left.

Then, click on the category section you're interested in to select a product or products to sell.


Tracking Link

Once you find a product, click on the 'promote' button to get the 'tracking' link and embed into either the text or a picture on your website.

Naming Your Link

1. Here is where you give a nickname to your tracking link so you can identify it in your Click Bank account.
2. When you click on the 'promote' button, this screen will pop up.
You then make up a nickname to identify your promotion. For multiple promotions your can create multiple links for the same product. You simply enter in a different nickname for each of your promotions. To do this simply click on the 'promotion' button each time you want to create a new link.  
For example, you may want to track you're sales from different pages on your website. Let's say you wanted to put a link on your 'Front Page' and another link on your 'contact' page. You would then be able to tack the sales from each page if you had one account nickname called 'front' and another called 'contact.' 
In your Click Bank account, you will see the sales generated from each link account.
You could also use different nicknames for the same product to track sales from various promotional partners. You simply create a link under each company name to track their sales. 

Your Tracking Link & How To Embed It Into Your Website

1. Once you enter your account nickname, another box with your tracking link will appear.
You then copy the tracking link into your website page. If you have a promotional partner, send them the link you created under their name.

To see how to embed this tracking link into your website page, click here.

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