Cross Loop

To Download Cross Loop, click here. 

Cross Loop allows another person to remotely dial into your computer and see your computer screen.

If you ever get really stuck; it is much easier for someone to help you by dialing into your computer to see what you're seeing on your screen.

 How To Download Cross Loop

To allow for this remote access you'll need to download the Cross Loop program.

To do this click on this link and follow the steps below:

This is the site that should come up. Then click on Download Now.

Click on 'Run' 


This window will appear, and click on Run.


Click on Run . . . again.


Click 'Next' . . . you should be use to this by now.


Check the box saying; Create a desktop icon. The desktop icon should look like this ->                                                                                                    


Now click on the Install button.


Still a little more . . . click on Register.

Final Step

Finally, click on Continue. You will then receive an email containing a link to confirm your registration.

You MUST open the email and click on the link to confirm your account.
If you can't find the email . . . check your Spam filter.
You should now be able to have a person dial into your computer.Here's How.

Click on the Radio Button saying; I accept the Agreement . . . then click on Next.

Click on Finish.

Then this box will appear for you to select the language. I'll assume English is good. Click OK.

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