Allow Visitor Comments On A Page

You can allow visitor comments on any of your website pages.

Click on the page title in the table to the right to edit your page.

1. Comments Tab  Click on the 'Comments' tab on the top.

2. Allow Visitor Comments On This Page  To show the form on the bottom of this page that allows visitors to comment, check this box.

3. Save  Click on the 'Save' button. A form allowing visitor comments will now appear on your page.

Activating Visitor Comments

The comments that are posted on this page are shown in the table. They will not be visible to your visitors until you activate them.

You can also delete comments you don't want appearing on your website.

1. Select Comment  Select the comment(s) you want to make visible.

2. Activate Comment Select 'Activate Comment' from this dropdown menu, then click the 'Go' button.

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