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Do What BIG Money Companies Do

You Can Do What BIG Money Companies Do... Only Better!

You make recommendations everyday to people... the best spa to go to, which bookkeeper to use, or the best lawyer that will give you a free consultation... BUT, when you do it online you can get paid for it... BIG Time!

Income Activator's website platform allows you to send referrals from your website to companies that pay you for your leads. It tracks your leads, and automatically creates your invoices.

Look at that business card collection you have. You could easily set up a Resource Page (like this one), or a Directory, and send leads to companies you're already recommending! You can even send leads to yourself!

Your Advantage 

Pay Per Click ads are lousy leads. BIG Money Companies are
slowly moving from PPC Ads, to asking visitors for 'information'
like zip codes, email addresses, and so forth... as these leads are worth much more.

BIG Money Companies find it hard to get their visitors to enter in their 'personal contact information' which would provide better leads for their advertiser.

You, however, are seen by your visitors as an authority when they land on your website, and they want you to recommend them to companies you trust. In turn, your visitors gladly enter in their contact information to connect with the companies you're recommending. This makes for Top Dollar leads.

You can convert up to 40% of your website traffic into lead revenue when offering 1 of 3 things to your visitors... Savings, Benefits,
or Entertainment.

Website builders like WordPress, GoDaddy and WIX, are little more than glorified brochures, and certainly don't include software that tracks referrals, and creates invoices.

Income Activator's website platform allows you to focus your energy on generating revenue, rather than spending your valuable time and money trying to get your website to work. It comes with an online store, PPC and lead tracking software. Plus, you can add pages, pictures, videos, links, create forms, capture data, launch auto-responders, set up landing pages, and do email marketing without having to pay a webmaster.

Sales vs Leads 

Did you know that only 1% of your traffic may buy from you? That's why BIG Money Companies don't sell stuff to their visitors. BIG Money Companies make revenue by sending leads to companies that pay them.

It doesn’t have to be an either or scenario, Sales vs Leads... but if 99% of your visitor’s aren’t making you money… Then Tell Them Where To Go! 

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