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I’m Lee Romanov, I’m not a techie, and didn’t have a product...
yet I  made millions of dollars without ever selling a thing. 

My book is called "Get Paid... By Telling people Where To Go."

You do it too... everyday. The difference is you do it for free,
and I didn't.

You tell people which spa to go to, which attorney to hire, who the best fitness instructor is, but when you do it online, you can get paid for it.  

You can make money from your recommendations or advice.

I sent leads to insurance companies for $5, and that $5 turn into millions of dollars.

people believe you need to sell something, to make money online, but only 1% buy, but up to 40% may follow your advice when it saves them money, benefits them, or entertains them.

I’m also president of, an all-inclusive website platform, which allows you to track the people you send to companies, through your recommendations.

You will notice that most website platforms are designed to make them money, NOT you!

These platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, WIX others get you in, but you don't start realizing how much they are costing you until it's too late and you end up broke.

Income activator has 10 revenue streams, and all the features included, like forms, auto-responders and email marketing, which you can control even if you're 1 finger typist.

STOP paying for your website... and focus on generating revenue for yourself. 







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