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people search for information online, and
then they look for recommendations.

When you give good information, and
track your recommendations to companies
that pay you for it... that's when you
begin creating true online wealth.

Making Money As Your Online BRAND 

If only 1% of your visitors may buy,
then tell the other 99% where to go ;)  


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Income Activator is a website builder you
control that includes over 10 revenue streams
you can activate to make money online.

The Top 10 Revenue Streams
You Can Activate Online

We're the only website builder with over 10 revenue streams that you can activate for no additional costs. Our referral revenue models can be added to any existing website.

You receive a ready-to-go website, with pages, forms, links and pictures. Simply drop in your own content, or we can customize your website to the look and feel that you want.


The Formula To
Making Money Online

1. Pick a topic.

2. Create pages related to your topic.

3. Add one or more revenue streams to
each of your website pages.

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