There are 3 sections to
 1) Account Settings 
   - Upload Your Website Logo - This is where you can upload a logo and have it appear at the top left of your website above the top bar. 
   - Profile Up Date - Here is where you update your contact information. 
   - Notification Emails - This is where you indicate where you want email notifications to go to other than the website owner. 
   - Display Affiliate Login - This will display a Login box, which is password protected, for your Affiliates to view their sales. 
   - Display Referral Login - This will display a Login box, which is password protected, for your Referral Clients to view the referrals you sent them. 
   - Add Google Analytics - This is where you copy the code from Google Analytics to see the stats of visitors to your website. 
   2) Users
   - Create Additional Logins - Here is where you can create multiple login passwords to your website.
  3) Customize Your Colors
   - Change Website Colors - Here you are able to change your website colours.

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