Tracking Your Visitor Traffic

Google Analytics is a free program that gives you a code to paste into you Income Activator website which shows you the visitor traffic your website is getting, where your traffic is coming from, what your visitors are doing within your website, and a lot more.

If you already have a Google or GMail account, you can use the same email and password for Analytics.

To register for Google Analytics, go to

Getting The Embed Code: To see how to register for Google Analytics and get the embed code needed to activate it, click here.

Embed Code: To see how to embed Google Analytics into your website, click here.

Reviewing Traffic: To see how to login and review your traffic, click here.

Track Visitor Clicks: To see where your visitors are clicking on your website ,click here. The most important thing is to measure the number of visitors that come to your website which turns into revenue. After that, it's simply a number's game where you figure out how much money you want to make.

If 100 people come to your website and 25 of those visitors each generate $1 either by clicking on ads, affiliate links, leads, or from buying something, you can project that if you get 200 people to your website, you'll make $50.

What To Look For In Google Analytics

Google Analytics website statsAfter you setup your Google Analytics account and embed the code into your Income Activator account you can login to your Google Analytics account by going to

When you first log in to your account you'll need to select your website. You'll then see a screen that looks like the one on the left.

The example shows the website traffic from December 1st to the 10th. You can select your own date range from the top right of Google Analytics.

This website was Visited 809 times. Of that there were 674 unique or first time visitors, which generated 3,746 page views. This means one visitor could have viewed 30 pages; however the average pages visited per visitor was about 5 pages (4.63). 

The average visitor stayed just over 3 minutes (3:11). 55.38% of people that landed on this website left within 5 seconds of getting there. 78.62% of this website’s traffic was new visitors and 21.38% are returning visitors.

Revenue  You would then look at your Google AdSense or Income Activator referral revenue to see how much money 674 unique visitors generated.

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