incomeWhen you're looking for a website name, which is referred to as a domain name you are looking for a name that matches what you are selling.
As you may know by now, a website can have many domain names.
One domain name should be a short, 'catchy' and memorable name to people.  Ideally you want your domain name to end in .com.
You can also have other domain names that are designed to create traffic to your website using targeted keywords matching the product you're selling. 
These domain names can end in any exchange i.e. .com, .net, .ca, .org, .tv, .biz and so on.  Here are some of the other .com exchanges.
You can get ideas for your domain name(s) with your Google AdWords account using their Keyword Planner by clicking here.
* Make sure you know what topic or information the Keyword Phrase you're selecting if really about what you think it's about.

A way of doing this is to put in your Keyword Phrase into Google's Search Bar then click on some of the Ads & Website links that come up.

You will begin to see a pattern of information that comes up. That will be what the Keyword Phrase is about. For example 'Raw Food Diet' could be for people, or dogs. Get a Keyword phrase that is targeted to exactly what you want to talk about on your website.

To find a memorable and keyword enriched domain name,
enter in the keywords that describe what you are selling. 
In this example we used the keywords 'Pet Insurance' to find what volume of Global and Local Monthly searches are made by people looking for information on that topic.
If there are no matches to the exact words you were searching for, just pick a word or a phrase that is close, or related, which is located under the title 'Keyword'.  If what you want to sell can be sold Globally, meaning throughout the World, then searches of 30,000 and up can be considered to be a good volume of traffic.
When you are searching your keywords for Local Monthly Traffic you will want to select a keyword that has a minimum of 20,000 searches per month.

Remember to make sure that your 'Columns' is set correctly, as shown in the example below.
Enter in your Keywords and click on the Search button. 

 All of the keywords related to Pet Insurance are displayed as shown below.
Click on the Local Search Tab to the Searches from Highest to the Lowest.
You will see that 'medical medical insurance' comes up with 368,000 under the Local Monthly Searches.  So you'll need to see if medical medical insurance would be a good domain name in order to capture this traffic.  To do this, click on the keywords medical medical insurance, it will open up the Google Search results, look at the Organic websites and see if this is a good place for your site to be displayed. 
In this case you will find out that this website brings up medical insurance for people and not pets.  As a result these keywords would not be a good domain name to be used to create traffic. 
Looking down to the next keyword that appears to be related, 'a pet', and clicking on the link to see if it relates to Pet Insurance, we find that the websites that come up don't relate to the product that we are selling. 
Although this seems to be irresistible traffic to have, it will be traffic that will not turn into sales, and you will be frustrated that there is something wrong with your website, instead of something wrong with the type of traffic you're attracting.
What you are really looking for with respect to keywords, is the exact match to what you are selling and you will get targeted traffic that will convert into sales.

incomeLooking down a little further to 'pet insurance' and click on the link and we see it's exactly targeted to what we're selling.
You are also looking at the competitiveness of the market you are trying to get to the top of the search 
engines in.

Here you see that there are 13,100,000 search results, which is any website page with the words 'pet', 'insurance' or 'pet insurance' in it.  So, in fact this is a meaningless number for you to base the level of competition on, as 1 website may simply have the word 'pet' in it, but have nothing to do with either pets or insurance.

So, if you are searching Pet Insurance and you want to find out how many companies actually have the words Pet Insurance in it you would do the following.

In the search engine, type in the following Exactly.

allintitle:pet insurance.

That is All In Title: Pet Insurance - All In Title: with no spaces (allintitle:) your search term Pet Insurance with no space between the colen and the first letter, and then a space between each word after that.

allintitle:pet insurance

In this case the actual number of websites that have the words pet insurance in it is 1,870,000.

Even though there is tremendous competition, it may be worth getting the Domain name Pet Insurance.

incomeWe have established that there is a lot of traffic within this market, so now we have to see if there is any money in it.  In other words, are company's paying a high dollar value to have visitors sent to their site.

To find this out you will be looking at the column entitled:  Estimated Avg. CPC (Estimated Average Cost Per Click), which shows you how much a company is paying per click.  You can click on the title:  Estimated Avg. CPC, which will then display the prices from highest to lowest.

Looking at the highest to lowest Cost Per Click, you can see that Sainsbury Pet Insurance goes for $116.98, but their traffic is very low at just 91 Local Searches Per Month. 
Looking further down the list Pet Plan Insurance appears to be a good targeted keyword with a CPC of $46.90, but again it only has 2,400 Local Searches.  Again, we are looking for Local Monthly Searches of approximately 20,000.
'Pet Insurance' has a healthy number of Local Searches at 165,000, with a CPC of $16.41.  Although this does not always display the actual average.  To get that, you'll need to click on the link at the top of the page entitled 'Traffic Estimator', which is just below the Keyword Tool.

As you can see that the actual Average Cost Per Click is $11.38. 
From this process we can see that what appears to be a profitable market at first glance, because of the high traffic volume, is a poorly paid market as far as clicks and referrals go.
Therefore, if you have a product and all you need is a lot of traffic to sell it, this would be a good market for you. 
If you are trying to make money on line through referrals in this market . . . it's a dog-eat-dog market.
incomeThis is probably why the Fido dogs went with Cell Phones,
Spud Mckensie went with Beer and even that little green
Geco went with a main line market . . . of Car Insurance.
So at this point Stewie is going to look for another market to conquer.

We did a quick search for 'Pet Products', which You also need to watch to see if the CPC drops off too quickly, such as the first 2 numbers are $33.01 and $20.99, and then it drops down to $5.30 then $4.91 and so on. 
What this is telling you, is that there is a very limited amount of company's to sell referrals to.

Our next search was for 'Pet Meds', which showed a healthy local search of 201,000 and a CPC of $27.45, and when we did the Traffic Estimator to find the true average CPC it showed a reasonable rate of $18.76.  When we looked at the competition by clicking on the Pet Meds Link it showed 2,770,000 results.
When we added 'allintitle:' to find out how many companies had the words 'Pet Meds' as part of their domain name, it showed 276,000 which means that this would be fairly difficult to get to the top of the Google search engine with this level of competition.

incomeLooking at other keywords based on our pet meds search, we noticed the keyword 'heartguard' had 40,500 Local Monthly Searches, with an average CPC of $38.91.  Looking at the Traffic Estimator, it showed an Average CPC of $11.90.
What is interesting about this is that when we were looking at the competition by clicking on the 'heartgard' link to get to the Google Search results, we found 1,010,000 pages that reference the word 'Heartgard', which is irrelevant to us. 
When we added 'allintitle:' to the search, we found out that there were only 23,000 websites with the word 'Heartgard' in their domain name, which lets us know that this is a market we could compete well in.
The threshold of whether you decide to compete in this market is entirely up to you.  What you are looking for is the highest CPC of $20 or higher, the highest Local Traffic Volume, preferably 20,000 search results and higher and the lowest number of website competitors. 

incomeSo at this point we are going to proceed with getting traffic for 'heartgard' via a domain name.

More than likely when you are looking for targeted keywords as a domain name, in many instances the .com names will already be taken.  

Although as you are using these keyword enriched domain names to drive traffic to your website, the exchange does not matter.  Therefore, if you can get one of these in a .net, .org, .biz, or whatever, it's just as powerful.

We registered because of its Local Monthly Traffic volume of 49,500.

We are now going to look for other keyword enriched domain names to attract additional traffic.

These are the Keyword Enriched domain names that would be beneficial to use on the front page and throughout the pages of your website.  They should describe what you are selling.

Therefore, we also registered: with a Local Monthly Traffic volume of 201,000. has with a Local Monthly Traffic volume of 110,000. with a Local Monthly Traffic volume of 60,500. 
We saw one of the related words for 'Pet Meds', which was 'Discounted Pet Meds'.  When we entered that word into AdSense and clicked on the box beside 'Only Show Ideas Closely Related To My Search Terms' it came up with very little traffic.  When the box was unchecked to broaden the search, it gave us other keyword options displaying high traffic volumes.

incomeTo find out more ideas for keyword enriched domain names for traffic, you can use the Wonder Wheel.
Click on any of the keywords under the keyword tab, which will display Google's search results for that keyword.
Click on 'More Search Tools', the column will expand to show 'All Results' and then click on 'Wonder Wheel'. 
Using the Wonder Wheel we looked up 'Pet Meds' and found it to be low traffic, and from that we saw 'Frontline', which is a pet medication, but when we clicked on the link, the Google search results were not specific to pet meds. 

incomeGoogle's Insights for Search is another good area to check for related Keywords that shows both the Top Searches currently being used and Rising Searches, which are searches that Google predicts will increase in popularity over the next 12 months. 
To view this click on the magnifying glass to the right of the keywords.
In the Top Searches you can see 1800 Pet Meds, but this is not the words that I would like to use on my website.
In the Rising Searches we saw 'Revolution For Cats' (expected to increase by 90%), and 'Heartworm Medicine' (expected to increase by 60%), which are related search terms to my query.  However, neither one had any meaningful traffic.

Our goal is to be number 1 with Google in a niche market where there is a volume of high traffic.  We have selected one area of pet meds to focus on, which is Heart Worm.  So we put Heart Worm into our Keyword Planner to find both target keywords with high volumes of searches per month.
Looking at the image below you can see 'Symptoms For Dogs', which has a Local Traffic volume of 90,500 searches per month.  If I add this keyword it will broaden my search range instead of focusing it to my niche target of Heart Worm.  When my search is broadened, I may appear on page 20 with Google for 'Symptoms For Dogs' with Heart Worms.  If I focus strictly on Heart Worm specific keywords I will have a better chance of being on the 1st page of Google.
The keywords that we are using are the following:  Heart Worm, Heartworm, Heartgard, Heart Gard, Dogs Heartworm, Heartworm in Dog, Heartworms Dogs, Heart Gard, Heartgard, Heartworms, Canine Worms, Heartworm In Dogs, Heartworm For Dogs.

When you are searching for a 'catchy' name, you really want to search for one that means
something to a consumer from an interest, concern, or their pocketbook.
For instance we found a domain name:, but that doesn't inspire
ny emotion.  We also found, while it says what we're doing,
it is difficult to say and not so memorable.
Then we came up with, which makes my pocketbook smile. 
Then you go to and see if that Domain Name is available.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't end in a .com exchange, as it's the keywords that the Search Engines will be looking at, not the exchange. So if you find the Keywords available, grab whatever exchange is available, and there are lots of them.
Here's a summary of where the exchanges originate from, but again it doesn't matter to you if they are from Autria as in the .at or Organizational based, like a .org. To view some of the exchanges being used, click here.

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