You can create Mailing Lists and add emails to your Mailing Lists.

 To do this, click on the menu tab Messaging then click Mailing Lists.

Insert a title for your Mailing List and press the 'Insert' button. 

Your Mailing List is created and you can now add emails to it, click on your Mailing List in the
Mailing List Edit & Data Section. 

To Import a .TXT or .CSV list of Emails from your computer click the 'Browse' button. 

Locate your Email list file on your computer and click the 'Open' button.

Click on the 'Update' button to insert the Emails in the list. 

The emails can now be seen at the bottom, you can Import as many lists as you want, and unlimited Emails in a Mailing List.


You can see the Number of Emails in your Mailing List under the 'Count' column.


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