Reviewing The Delivery Log

The Delivery Log shows you all the messages you have sent. To view the Delivery Log click on the top bar entitled 'Messaging' and click on 'Delivery Log' from the dropdown menu.

1. ID  This is the ID of the log entry. You can relay this to support if there is any issues.

2. Date Sent  This is the date and time when the message was sent. If you scheduled this message you'll see the date which it is scheduled to be sent out.

 Message Title  This is the Title you gave your message, for your own reference.

 Sent To  This is the mailing list you sent or scheduled to send your Message to.

 Number of Emails  This is the number of emails addresses that received your email message.

 Soft Bounces  A soft bounce means there was an issue with that email address, but they may still have received your message. This could be caused by a full mail box or a delay. The email addresses that soft bounce are still authentic so keep them in your mailing list.

 Hard Bounces A hard bounce means the email address never received your message because it was an invalid address. Email addresses that hard bounce will be labeled as such on the mailing list page.
On the mailing list page, you can check if the email has any obvious spelling mistakes or extra symbols, correct it, then remove the 'Hard Bounce' label.

8. Opens These are the number and percent of people who opened the Email Message to read it. If your 'Opens' are low, you probably need a better 'Subject Line' in your Message.

Note: We can only track opens if your recipients have "View Images" turned on or if they choose to "show images" when they view your newsletter. Some email applications automatically block images from displaying by default, especially if it's from someone that's not in their address book. So unless the recipient clicks their button to "display images in this message", we won't be able to track their open.

One way of enticing people to click 'View Images' is to include one or more images in your email message so your Recipients will want to view them.

 Clicks  This is shows you how many times your link(s) were clicked on. For example if you sent out a Message to 10 people, and your link(s) were clicked on 20 times, it would show 20 clicks. Beside it shows the percentage of people that clicked on your links. For example if you sent out a Message to 10 people, and 5 people clicked on your links, it would show 50%.

10. Un-Subscribed  This is the number of people who have removed themselves from your Mailing List. All of your Messages contain a link at the bottom allowing people to unsubscribe as shown below.

 View Message  To see the Message you sent out, click this link.

Deleting A Message  To delete a Message that has been sent, or is scheduled to be sent out, click on the ID Box and then click on the 'Go' button beside 'Delete Message'.

Un-Subscribe Optiuon

1. All of your Email Messages you send out automatically contain an Unsubscribe Link at the bottom.

If they click to unsubscribe, they will go to a page on your website where they can enter their Email Address.

When they do this, they will be labeled as 'Un-Subscribed' on the mailing list page and won't receive any more emails from you.

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