Below are just a few of the top reasons why Manual Program
will make your life easier and financially rewarding.
Google Referrals
  • Understanding Google and how to make money just like they do.

Testing For Success

  • Your product or service needs to be tested to see if you will actually be able to make money from it.

The Hottest Products & Services

  • With the tools we give you, you'll be able to find the hottest products, services and opportunities to sell.

Have Someone Else Sell Your Products

  • Individuals and company's will be able to resell your productss or services.

Gmail Email

  • We'll explain why getting a Gmail Email account is not only important, but also beneficial.

Google AdWords

  • A Google AdWords account is critical to have, and we'll explain why. 

Use 3 Domain Names Per Website

  • Having 3 domain names is very important in building the foundation of your website.

High Traffic Domain Names

  • Generating traffic (visitors) with your domain name, and we'll show you how to do it.

Finding The Money And Traffic

  • Understanding the Internet and how to find out where the money and traffic currently are.

A Successful Sales Funnel

  • A successful sales funnel is critical to your success, and we'll show you the correct way to set it up.

Getting Your Website Pages Into The Search Engines

  • Getting your website pages indexed by the search engines, such as Google.

Using SEO To Rank High In The Search Engines

  • Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your website may be in the top 10 with Google.

Client Base

  • Building your own base of clients is not an easy task, but we'll show you how.

Building A Quality Email List

  • Building a 'quality' email list, understanding how to do it, and then how to make money from it.

Making Money From Testimonials

  • If you use testimonials, we'll show you how to set them up and then how to make money from them.

Using Pictures To Make Money

  • Adding a picture to your website can not only generate traffic but can also be a revenue stream.

Videos That Make You Money

  • You'll understand how a video can make you money.

Generating Money Using YouTube

  • You will see how to set up a YouTube account, and how to put your video on YouTube.

Clickbank, Commission Junction and LinkShare

  • We'll teach you everything you need to know about; Clickbank, Commission Junction and Link Share.

Linking Sites & Deep Linking

  • You can link one website to another website, and how to specifically link directly to a product, which is called Deep Linking.

Creating Your Own Products

  • Learn how to create your own products, such as; Shirts, Mugs, Ebooks, CD's and so much more.

Comparison Charts

  • Understanding the 'power' of comparison charts and how to put them together.

Google AdSense

  • You will understand AdSense and their PPC (Pay Per Click) program.

Billing Your Customers

  • Pay Pal, Google VISA or collective Point Of  Sale are just a few methods used in billing your custoers.
Google Analytics - Priceless
  • Track the activity of your entire site page-by-page to see how long people are stay on each page.
Keyword Research That You Can't Live Without
  • This module is priceless as we show you where the traffic and the money is flowing over the Internet.
Article Marketing That Gets people To Your Website
  • Article Marketing is perhaps one of the 'best' sources of traffic and we show you absolutely everthing you need to know.
Command massive visitors to your site with Press Releases
  • Press Releases can be the most effective way to attract a mass number of visitors to your site.
Viral Videoas Attract The Masses
  • We'll demonstrate how a video can go viral in just a matter of days creating waves of traffic to your site.
Affiliate Programs Can Facilitate Large Numbers Of Sales
  • With our affiliate programs we'll show you how to get, track and promote your affiliate program.
  • We show you how to cleverly disguising your ad, like that of a columnist.
The Email List is King
  • An email list of 30,000 targeted visitors could complely support your family.
  • Ebay is just one of many places that you'll by able to utilize when you go through this program.
Piggy Back Marketing
  • Taking advantage of another company or products success and using that to your advantage.
Blogs - Why Do They Do This?
  • Blogging straight to the bank, and we'll show you how.
The Newest Form of Marketing - Online Classifieds
  • Classified ads are
Understanding The Nuances Of Twitter
  • Twitter does not provide you with a manual with how to make money with it - so we did.
Webinars - Up To The Minute Technology
  • Webinars is one of the fastest growing services that we'll teach you how to exploit.



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