SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process by where you are improving the 'visibility' of a website, or a website page within the framework of the search engines visa-vie the 'natural', or 'organic' search listings.  These are commonly referred to as 'natural' or 'un-paid'.
In general, the higher on the page you are and the more frequently your site appears in the search results, the more visitors you will receive. 
SEO takes three forms; 'on page' optimization, which are things that you do to your website, 'off page' optimization, which are things that you do to get traffic to your website, and 'inner page' optimization, which is how to rank well for the pages throughout your website.

On Page Optimization: 

As an example, let's say my website is selling pet insurance.  After doing my keyword research, let's say as an example, my keywords are; insurance pet plan.  You would then go to and turn your keywords into a .com name, so I would try to secure the following website; 

1.  Title:  My title should be my keywords; Insurance Pet Plan.  This way Google will see the direct relevance of my title to my domain name and rank me high for these keywords.
2.  Keyword and keyword Density (For more information on 'keywords' please see our module on (Keyword Research):
Note:  Ideally you should have 'one' keyword or keyword phrase per page.  If you want 10 keywords, then you should have 10 pages of good information and content - one per page.  Google will rank you much higher this way.
When designing your page, the keywords on your page should take various forms.  The following is an example; insurance pet plan, "insurance pet plan", insurance pet plan, insurance pet plan, insurance pet plan and insurance pet plan,  By changing from bold to italic, underlying, etc., will let Google know how important that this keyword is to your page.
Make sure that your information flows smoothly an makes sense.  Just repeating the keyword or keyword phrase will do you absolutely no good.
3.  Search Engine Optimization / Keyword:  To get your keywords onto your website, click on the 'Home Page' or  the individual page that you want to optimize.

Enter your keyword:
Ideally, you should have only 1 keyword or keyword sentence per page.

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