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Sends leads to companies

1. Tell businesses you want to send leads to from your website that you are creating a 'Profile' page to feature their service, at no cost to them, and you'll be sending them leads from the people that go to your website, and want to get in touch with them.

2. Tell them their only cost is when you send them a lead. The cost of a lead is only $10 (or whatever you are comfortable charging). 

3. You'll create their Profile page from the content they give you.

4. You will then put up a 'Referral Form' that will email them the contact information of the person that is interested in getting in touch with them about their service.

If they don't want leads, that means they don't want business, and they're NOT your target market. If your visitors can't get in touch with them, there's no point in profiling their service.

You don't want to waste your time with people that really aren't in business, or aren't prepared to pay you for sending them business.

Sample Letter To A Business

Dear 'Business"

It's a pleasure to consider you to be featured on my website.  

I would be interested in featuring your businesses, and to allow my visitors the opportunity to read more about your services, and to contact you through a referral form.

To be a featured, all you need to do is email me what your service is about, along with any pictures or videos you want added to your page.

Your page will also have a referral form on it, that people can complete to get in touch with you.

There's no charge for you to feature your services on my website. Your only cost is a small referral fee of $10. The referral fee is triggered when someone completes the referral form to get in touch with you. You can also set a limit of the number of referrals you want. 20 leads is only $200. Payment for leads are not based on whether that person becomes a client of yours.

When a person completes the referral form, you’re instantly emailed their name, email address, phone number and the reason why they're contacting you. Plus, they’re emailed your contact information too.

Being featured on my website will be a powerful recommendation for you and your business. Plus, referrals are the most effective ways of getting and closing new business.

Please confirm that you would like to proceed as a featured guest, and receive leads for your business.

Best Regards

Setting Up Referral Companies To Receive Leads

This video shows you how to set up a lead on your Income Activator website platform. 

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