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Keyword Search Results Example
1.  Enter in your Keyword Phrase you would like searched in the 'Find Keywords' box & click on the Searc Button.
In this example I entered in 'Law Medical Malpractice.'
Instantly you are show the number of searches for that exact search term, and other related terms.
2. The Green Bar provides you an idea of the level of 'Competition' from other websites competing for that Search Term.

  The Local Monthly Searches are based on your Country's stats, from the previous month.
For the  keyword phrase 'Law Medical Malpractice' 33,000 searches were done in Canada last month. 

4.  It shows the Approximate CPC (Cost Per Click) which is an indicator what advertisers have bid for a Google Ad to be clicked on & sent to their website.
In this example it's $22.27 for the Keyword Phrase 'Law Medical Melpractice.'
(Note: You won't be able to see the CPC data until you sign up for Google Adwords) 
This search reveals that the Keyword Phrase 'Medical Melpractice' has:
1. Less Competition
2. Higher Local Monthly Searches (201,000)
3. A Cost Per Click (CPC) also in the twenty dollar range.  
In this case 'Medical Malpractice' may be a better Keyword Phrase to go with. 
You don't have to have a licence in a particular field to have a website about that industry. Professionals look for all kinds of websites to put their ads on to get traffic.
A website related to their business, but not in competion with them is the best!
For More Examples, click here.

Find Out Who Are The Advertisers
I can also see which Advertisers are paying for clicks based on this Keyword Phrase.
This gives me a good frame of reference what someone would more be
looking for when searching for the Keyword Phrase 'Medical Malpractice.' 
1. To see which Advertisers are paying for their Ad to be displayed for the Keywords 'Medical Malpractice'  
click on that Keyword Phrase in blue type.
2.  A box will pop up displaying the Ads.
The Ads are usually displayed to the right of the page, and at the top of the Google page in a shaded area, with the word Ads in small grey type. Sneaky.  
When you click on the ad, it will take you to the Advertiser's website, and you will then know exactly who is Paying Google around $20
for the Keyword Phrase 'Medical Malpractice.'

Find Related Keyword Phrases
Related Keyword Phrases can help you come up with ideas that you haven't thought of.
This is how I came up with the Keyword Phrase 'Medical Meapractice.'  
To do this click on the Title Link Entitled Contextual Targeting Tool to the left of your Keyword Planner page.
When you enter words or phrases in the Contextual Targeting Tool, the tool suggests a set of keywords related to your terms,
and groups the keywords into themed ad groups.
With the Contextual Targeting Tool, you can build tightly themed keyword lists for your website pages that are running on Google Display Network.
Tightly themed keywords lists are the basis of effective target marketing.
Google looks at all the keywords in a website and matches their search to website pages with tightly themed keywords.
The websites that are built with this in mind receive more visitor traffic, and better click through activity.
For example, if you sell yoga gear, normally, you might take the time to build out separate ad groups around each of your product lines, such as yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga gear, etc.
With the Contextual Targeting Tool, when you type each product category, the tool generates even more tightly themed keyword lists.
For example, entering "yoga mats" into the tool generates more specific keyword groups, such as designer yoga mats, thick yoga mats, yoga mats with designs, etc.
These are all separate keyword groups that can help you generate additional traffic and sales,
from keywords you wouldn’t necessarily think of coming up with when building out your website pages.

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