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Can Numerology Explain This Crazy Election?

Lee Romanov delivers a different take on the presidential election by using the ancient science of numerology. She shares what analyzing the “numbers” of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reveal, including who is likely to be president, and why we are seeing such craziness in their campaigns, and demeanors.

Numerology uses a person’s birth name and birthday to obtain their personal numeric code, providing an insight into their life path, personality, and destiny. Once a skeptic, Romanov changed her tune after learning that numerology was introduced by one of the world’s greatest mathematicians and scholars, Pythagoras, whose theorem you probably remember from school. 
No flake, Romanov is an accomplished entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars online. Contact Romanov.

Discover Your Life Path, Destiny & Brand

Pythagoras a Greek philosopher and world renowned mathematician introduced to us numerology, revealing the relationship between the numeric code of your Birth Date to your Life's Path, and the numeric value of letters of your Birth Name to your Destiny. 

Making Money is a number's game... ask the Donald. The 1st number you should look at is your numerology. Knowing your life's path, and inner core strengths enables you to navigate through your journey of transformation,
to reach your desired destiny.

Traditional Jobs are fading, and 'Personal Online Branding' is quickly emerging. We are becoming our own online brand of experts, freelancers, and consultants. We all have our own unique brand of talent, strengths, and experience. When we share that with the world, we can get paid for our knowledge, and advice.

Income Activator has a website platform that allows you to get your greatest message out to the world, while being paid for it.

Numerology tells you which direction to take. Knowing, and applying this to your actions, empowers you to reach the highest levels of success in your personal, and business life as well.

This knowledge leads to better interactions with others, and an
easier path to the life you desire.

Through the ancient study of Numerology, discover your core strengths, as they will navigate you to your goals.

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    Enter In Your Birthday   

Numerology * Your Birthday

Your Birthday tells you what your Life's Path is. In other words, it tells you what you are going for in life.

To calculate the numerology for your birth date simply, complete
the form to the right. Instantly
you will be given the numerology
for your Life's Path.

We will also email to you a summery of the Life's Path for all the numeric numbers.

Birth Name
Your Birth Name

Your Email

Numerology * Your Birth Name

Your Birth Name reveals your Destiny & Inner Core Strengths.

It's all about the talents or gifts you were given to help you reach where it is you want to go.

Enter in your email and the name on you birth certificate. 

We will also email to you a summery of the astrological signs, and their meanings.

If you go by a different name, you can get some insight by entering it in too. It holds some influence, but not to the degree that your birth name does. 

Company Name: You can also enter in your Company's Name. It reveals the strengthens your company has, and how it applie to it's direction, or destiny.
Enter in only the company name, with no extensions like Ltd, Inc. or .com. 

Income Activator's Website Platform 

It's a ready-to-go website with 10 Revenue Streams you can activate. We are all becoming our own online Brand. The store comes with 50,000 office products, you and your visitors can buy. You receive commission of every sale.

Please take a moment to listen to what Tom Peters says, author of the book, In Search Of Excellence, has to say about finding, and becoming your own brand.

Internet Emperors is one of the most important videos to watch if you are serious about making money online. 

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