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 Your Life Path Is A Builder


You are a builder, down to earth, solid and practical. you are all about organization, and structure.

When you walk a life path as a number 22, you have an unbreakable spirit, and astounding capabilities of self-control. 

This is a master number and very rare. It means that everything that happens to you, is exaggerated.


Number 22 is the number of the Spiritual Master Builder on the Material plane. There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the material plane. 

This is the 'God' energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility. Because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall.

The Master Number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance. When it senses its full capacity as a 'Master Builder', it can achieve what is hardly imaginable.

The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers. 

You are orderly, and organized, systematic, and controlled. You are decisive, and methodical, employing a step-by-step rational approach to problem solving.

Once committed you do not give up easily.

Your Online Brand Is Trust 

You are not one for the 'Get Paid quick schemes' rather for your online brand you would prefer to use hard work, and long hours to build a well balanced business.

Precise, and tenacious awards you great success.

You can pick any topic, in any industry, and make money from it. people trust your opinions, and you could have a great directory of trusted business resources.

Keywords for your website would include: trustworthy, helpful, steady, logical, self-disciplined, problem-solving. 

You are courageous and a true survivor. You are a builder and the foundation of any enterprise. Your hard work and practical, traditional values pay off to provide you with the rewards you seek and deserve.

While all the videos on this page are recommended, you should make it a point to watch the video entitled; 'Internet Emperors'. 

Your Ruling Planet Is Uranus 

Uranus is associated with the principles of individuality, new and unconventional ideas, discoveries, and inventions.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, and rules freedom and originality.

Your website business will shine bright as a diamond.

Your Online Business Is About Trust & Discipline

content is king

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