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You're Life Path Is A Natural Born Leader

born leader

Number 1 is the symbol of the Sun in Numerology, and Sun is the most powerful planet of our solar system. The entire solar system revolves around the Sun.

This number represents creativity, self-reliance, invention, ruler ship, dynamism and optimism. You inner core strengthens make you a natural born leader, powerful, and dominating. 

You have excellent business instincts and this makes them successful business persons. Having your own online business is perfect, as you do not like to be subordinate to anyone. 

You have great ambitions, and have a strong desire for success. You are highly independent and dislike restrictions. The online world provides you with that freedom.

You are practical in life, and look at everything from each and every corner. This gives people who visit your website comfort in knowing you've done your research, and you are not a fly-by-night operation.

In numerology number 1 is symbolized as God as after this.... all other numbers were created.

Famous people that also share your Numerology Number 1 are Jack Nicholson, Nancy Reagan, Sammy Davis Jr., Tiger Woods, Jim Morrison, Sally Fields, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, George Lucas, Larry King, Martin Luther King Jr., Tom Hanks, and Sting.

Your Online Brand Is Leadership

In your Life Path you will achieve much. You need to ensure your drive, creativity, originality, and pioneering spirit are fully employed!

Your online brand should focus on areas what people use in their day-to-day life. It could be above cars, food, fitness, motivation.

Through your leadership strengthens, you're seen as an authority, therefore people will look to you for your recommendations to which companies they should use, and products to buy.This is a very lucrative online business model as you can be paid by companies sending them your visitor traffic. 

Keywords for your website would include: independent, creative, original, ambitious, determined, self-assured. If expressed negatively: arrogant, stubborn, impatient, self-centered.

You can have the opportunity to have a very lucrative online business by following your inner core strengths of a Natural Born Leader. 

You should listen to the video entitled 'What BIG Money Companies Do'... and copy that model.

You Have The Sun's Influence

The Sun directly influences your intellect, making you intelligent, with a sharp-witted understanding.

You can be an extremely public image, conscious, and the centre of attraction.

Your ambition works perfectly for having an online business.Your online brand plays well into your Sun's influence of power.

Your Online Business Is To Lead people In the Right Direction

content is king

Videos: You can create your own online income by giving advise to your visitors, and be paid by companies you recommend. To see how, watch the videos to the right.

Website: Income Activator provides you with a ready-to-go website to begin providing leadership for any topic, in any industry you desire.
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Numerology & Astrology

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