Adding A Google Map To Your Website

You can embed an interactive Google Map into one of your website pages.

This allows visitors to see where you are located and get directions.

To the right is an example of an embedded Google Map.

1. Go to

2. Search for a business name or address in the search box to the top left.


Search For The Address

1. Marker: The address will appear with a red marker.
Confirm it is the right location.

2. Menu: Click on the menu icon in the top left to open the menu.

Share Or Embed Map

1. Click on "Share or embed map" on the menu that appears at the left.

Adding A Google Map To Your Website

A window will popup up, make sure you're on the "Embed Map" tab.

1. Dropdown: From the dropdown menu select "Custom Size". 

2. Size: Enter a width and height.
For reference, 500px is half of your website and 1000px is your entire website.

3. Embed Code: Copy all of the embed code.

4. Log into your Income Activator account. 

Adding A Google Map To Your Website

Open the page that you want to add your map to.

1. Content: In the content editor, click the YouTube icon.

2. Embed Code: Paste the code you copied earlier into this box.

3. Insert: Click on the "Insert" button. 

Adding A Google Map To Your Website

The map will show up in your content box.

Save your page and view it to confirm it looks and works the way you want. 


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