A Hosting Fee is a Line Charge.
As you know your phone will not work unless you pay a company to hook up a phone line for you.

To 'Connect' your Website to the Internet you also need a company to hook up a line for you.
That line for your Website to be visible to the worlld is called Hosting.
Hosting companies usually charge a monthly fee around $60.
There's no getting around it if you want your Website to be connected to the Internet.
Your monthly hosting cost for your Income Activator Website is $60.
Further, you also are provided unl;imited acces to update your website, at anytime, from any where in the world, instantly.

Income Activator Hosts it's own website so that you are also provided with Free online support, and Free upgrades. 

Many of these upgrades would cost you hundreds , even thousands of dollars to have a programmer create them. You get them for Free.

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