We have received your request to connect your Domain Name to your Income Activator website.

Please Make Sure You Change Your Nameserver Now

To do this, login to the company you bought your Domain Name from, and go to the 'Manage DNS Server' section and add this IP Address as the DNS A Record.

If you bought your Domain Name through GoDaddy, simply replace the word 'Parked' with 

GoDaddy can also help you to do this. Their number is (866) 938-1119.

Time Frame For Connection

Your Domain Name will be attached within 2 business days. To confirm connection simply check your Domain Name.

If your domain name is not showing your website after 2 days, please give us a call at 949-545-4211.

If we are unavailable please leave a message with your website's Account Number & Domain Name.

Your account number can be found at the top middle of your Content Manager when you login to your Income Activator website.

Thank You,

Lee Romanov
President, IncomeActivator.com 

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