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Thank you for your comments. With your support of this issue, I will be trying to stop this Internet censorship from happening!

I've been supporting myself online since 1994, and as a thank you I'd like to show you what took me over 20 years to figure out on the easiest way of of generating an online income.

Here's more videos on ways to create an online income.

I believe the empires of the future will be built by the emperors of the internet.

That's if we still have one after September 30, 2016.

Please enjoy this video by Lee Romanov.



The Election

With regard to the election, I don't know who would or wouldn't do a good or bad president.

No one knows. What we all can agree on is that the system is corrupt.... BIG news flash.

We also know we need to stop fighting with each other on this issue. It may be worth listening to this video.
Understand, I'm not a David Icke supporter, but I do think he makes some good points about our world,
and about our humanity.







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