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Don't live with your book trapped inside you. . .
Share it with the world!

Itty Bitty Publishing

Share your knowledge with the world, by providing
your Top 15 things people need to know about.

Itty Bitty® books are the SMART Dummies!

The difference between Dummies and Itty Bitty® is that Dummies
are 350 pages that you have to read with a yellow highlighter, and
Itty Bitty® books are the yellow highlights!

Book Publishing

Itty Bitty® helps you write, publish & promote your book.

Book Promotion

  • Personal Coaching
  • Annual Mastermind Program
  • Best Seller Campaign Marketing & Strategies
  • Exposure To Experts In Your Field

Create A 6 Figure Income

A book positions you as an expert, and authority in field.

We help you position yourself, using your Itty Bitty® book,
to grow your business, and create a 6 figure income.

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Suzy Prudden is the expert in book publishing and promotion.

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