Placing Google Ads On Your YouTube Videos

To Register for Google AdSense for YouTube, click here.
You can add Google AdSense Ads to your YouTube videos as an added revenue stream. 

Google is very restrictive on who can put Google Ads on videos; however you will still see ads appear on your videos.

This appears to be Google placing their ads on your videos and making money from your videos without having to share it with you. Perhaps they're considering it fair ball by not charging you to put your video on YouTube.

To be approved for Google Ads to run on your videos to get paid, it seems that you have to have a number of videos up, with viewer history, before they'll consider sharing the ad revenue with you.

Given this, you may wish to put up videos on YouTube that capture viewer interest, but direct them to your website to view the full video there. You can then have your Google Ads on your website page for visitors to click on, to generate you revenue. 


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