Get Paid By Google

When a visitor from your website clicks on a Google Ad and is directed to a advertiser's website,
Google pays you a percentage of what the advertisers pays Google.

The drawback with Google's AdSense Pay Per Click program is that Google pays you a very small percentage

of the pay per click revenue. Only pennies on the dollar.

They don't tell you what percentage of the click revenue you received.
If I were to guess, I would say it would be 5% or less.
They also don't tell you which advertiser Ads are being clicked on so it's very hard for you to know where to focus your content on to make more money.

There are people making thousands of dollars per month this way.

Adding Google AdSense to your website is easy to do, p
lus you don't have to talk to anyone or get anyone's approval to begin making money from Google's click ads.

The biggest advantage is once you feel comfortable with advertisers paying You/Google for your website visitors, you begin to realize the revenue you can begin to tap into through lead generation.

There's a Pay Per Click program built into your Income Activator Website.

It operates exactly like Google's Pay Per Click Program. The difference is you get to keep 100% of the Click Revenue.
Although, you need to contact the Advertisers directly and come to an agreement for them to pay you.

However, you can find out who these advertisers are, and what they're paying Google once you've signed up for Google's Free Adwords program.

You can then offer these advertisers a better Pay Per Click Rate than what Google is offering them.
After all they are already paying you indirectly for being on your website, you're just offering them a better rate.
A good deal for you, and them too.

The bottom line is that it's far more profitable for you to run your own Pay Per Click program on your Income Activator website.
But to begin you may first need to get comfortable with the process of getting paid by advertisers through Google's Pay Per Click program.


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