How To Search For Keywords

To try the Google Keyword Tool click here
Here's How To Do A Keyword Search

1.  Enter in the keyword phrase you would like to search for in the 'Find Keywords' box & click the 'search' button.
It is best to use Keyword Phrases with 2, 3 or 4 words that describe what your website is about.
In the example below, we entered in 'law medical malpractice.'

Instantly, you are shown the number of searches for that exact search term and other related terms.
If no 'Local Monthly Searches' are found try using another search term. You can find other related search terms listed below in the 'Keyword Ideas' section.

You are looking for searches in or around the 100,000 range and over. This range comes up for US searches more than Canadian searches. If you live in Canada you may want to look at both.
However, there are no rules, searches under 100,0000 could work just as well.

2.  The green bar to the right of the keyword phrase provides you with an idea of the level of competition. Google has changed this to read High, Medium and Low. You are looking for 'High Competition'; meaning there are advertisers willing to pay for people who are searching this keyword phrase in order to be directed to their website through click ads.
3.  The local monthly searches are based on your country's stats using a 12 month average from the previous months. You can ignore global searches as they report search traffic that generally would not apply to you when selecting keyword phrases to describe your website. This traffic can be meaningless as it is from worldwide searches from areas such as Asia, Africa, etc. that would never land on your website. 
For the keyword phrase 'law medical malpractice' there were 33,100 searches done in Canada in that month.

4.  The approximate CPC (Cost Per Click) is an indicator of what advertisers pay Google when their ads are clicked on. Advertisers select which keywords they want used to display their ads. Ad cost is on a biding basis so sometimes it can be higher or lower than what you see reported in the CPC column. To sort highest to lowest Pay Per Click dollar amounts, click on the 'title' Approximate CPC.
In this example the Cost Per Click is $22.27 for the Keyword Phrase 'Law Medical Malpractice.' The search volume is low, but the CPC is good.
(Note: You won't be able to see the CPC data until you sign up for Google AdWords)

This search reveals many potential keyword phrases you could choose.
Take the example 'Medical Malpractice.' It has:
1. High Competition
2. Higher Local Monthly Searches (201,000)
3. A Cost Per Click (CPC) in the twenty dollar range
In this example 'Medical Malpractice' may be a good Keyword Phrase to go with.
There are no rules for creating a content based website. You don't have to have a license in a particular field to have a website about that industry. Professionals look for all kinds of websites to put their ads on to get traffic. A website related to their business, but not in competition with them is the best!


 How To Find Who The Advertisers Are

With Google Keyword Planner you can also see which advertisers are paying for clicks based on the keywords your are searching.
To see which advertisers are using Google's Per Click ads, click on the keyword phrase in blue.
Select 'Google Search' from the dropdown menu. A box will pop up displaying the Google Search Results.
The ads are displayed to the right and top of the Google Search Results page with the word 'ads' in small gray type. Sneaky.

When you click on the ad it will link you to the advertiser's website. Now that you know exactly which advertiser is paying Google around $20 for the keyword phrase 'Medical Malpractice,' you can then contact the advertiser directly if you want to arrange your own referral program with them.


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