Keyword Research Using Google's AdWords Keyword Tool

To Register for Google AdWords click here.

Google AdWords has a program called Keyword Planner that tells you what people are searching for online and what advertisers are paying for these search terms in order to have Google send these visitors to their websites.

To view the Keyword Tool click here.

If this link does not work, go to Google and enter in 'Google Keyword Tool' in the Search box.
A number of websites will come up. When you click on one of the links, make sure that it says 'Google AdWords - Start now'.

Google's Adwords Help Line is 1-877-721-1738 (9am - 9pm EST, Mon - Fri).

Complete The Form

Click on the two radio buttons as marked by the red arrows.

Enter in your Gmail Email and Password, and then click on Sign In.

It's A Long Form

Complete the never ending Google question form, with the skill testing Word Verification and then click to continue. 

Begin Now 

To begin, sign into your Google AdWords account. Where it says Tools and Analysis, on the top bar, click to see the drop down menu and click on Keyword Tool

Then search for a Keyword P
hrase. To sign in now, click here.

Google will show you the number of people searching, and what advertisers are paying to get that online search traffic to their websites.

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