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Your Business In A Box website comes with online store with over 50,0000 products, and office supplies.

Buying Process

You don’t take the orders, or ship the products. It’s all done for you


There's next day delivery, and free shipping for all orders over $75, with a maximum weight of 48 lbs (US Only).  Deliveries can experience delays if the product is not in stock, orders are a the end of the day, or if the delivery is in a remote location. 

There's no shipping outside of the United States, or Alaska.  View Shipping locations.

Your Commission

You receive up to 15% commission on every sale.  
A check will be mailed to you each month.

You can check your orders by logging into the back door of your website,
 and clicking on the top menu entitled 'Store' then clicking on 'Store Orders'.

You can check your commission's owed & paid by clicking on 'My Commissions'.

Now you can make money by buying your own office supplies!

ONLY Companies with Tax Numbers & US citizens can sell these store items.

If you do not qualify, you can simply use your Income Activator store to sell your own products,
or affiliate products from companies like and Read more.

You must fill out the Tax Form below before we can send you your commission checks. 

 W-9 Tax Form

You now have your own Big Box Company. 
This is a real business and real business reporting needs to be done.

Only companies and US citizens can sell these office supply products. 
NOTE: Shipping ONLY services US deliveries.

Your Office Supply Store Is Live  

 However, we need you to complete, sign, and send in the W-9 form below, 
before we can send out your commission checks.
Please FAX the W-9 Form to: 949-791-2533 or email it to Dan Walsh at
To contact Dan Walsh for more information call: Office 866-593-3506 or Cell 949-300-2484.

If you have a company you need to provide us with your Employer Identification Number.
If you don't have a company,  simply enter in your Social Security Number.

We will also send you your tax information accordingly.
This store is operated for you by Income Activator & Inks2Go.

Tax Information - Form W-9

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