The Best Domain Name is * Memorable * Easy to Spell * Short * Says What it's About * Keyword Enriched * A .COM Exchange
Your Memorable Domain Name should be:

1.  Easy to Remember
One way of doing this is a play on words.
2.  Easy to Spell . . . Short & Sweet
If they can't spell it, or remember it, they can't find it.
It can be the 'Key' to your business.Imagine hearing your Website Name on the Radio or TV.
Listeners must be able to 'remember it' by the time they get to their computer & type it in correctly'to get to your website.

3.  What It is About
When a person hears your website name, they should have some idea what it is about. Y
ou're not there to explain it to them.
A good example of this is a website called www.Help Cure is exactly about what it says it's about. A site looking for cures.

One of my past competitors in the car insurance quoting business was named Kanetix.
When people heard it,they thought they said 'Kinetic'. . . which is the definition of motion,not of getting a car insurance quote.
This lead to immediate confusion. Plus, there are too many wrong ways of spelling this 'made up word.'

As Kanetix began a huge radio advertising campaign, I bought 300 misspelled Domain Names and pointed them to my Website.
I was getting a lot of visitors to my site that couldn't spell Kanetix, but they sure could do a car insurance quote.
To this day, Kanetix radio ads now 'Spell Out' their name.

4.  Make It Keyword Enriched
This is a good way to pick up on some Search Traffic. When a person searches for a Keyword Phrase that matches your website name,
your website may be displayed more readily by the search engines than other websites.

Here's how to create a Keyword Enriched Domain Name,
click here.

5.  Have a .Com Exchange
Many people still default to entering .com to find a website. Make sure that your website is what they find.

6.  Get Your Country's Exchange
You may also wish to purchase the exchange for the country you live in, like .ca for Canada.
If you don't, and you become well known, someone make pick up your exact website name but with your country's exchange.
By doing this they may also pick up your clients.

Be Careful How Your Domain Name Appears
Consider how your Domain Name appears in type.
All of these are legitimate companies that didn't spend quite enough time checking it out.You can't make this stuff up.

1.  'Who Represents' is where you can find agents representing celebrities, not agents that presents ladies of the night. Their Website name

2.  Looking for a Great Pen? Look no further than 'Pen Island'. It can be found

3.  Need a Therapist? Try 'TheTherapistFinder'

What If The Domain Name You Want May be Taken???!?!?

If that's the case you can you can find out who owns the Domain Name by going to:

You may wish to contact the person directly if you want to purchase the Domain Name.
They may very well not really care about it & sell it to you relatively inexpensively.


Do NOT pay more than $20.00 for a 1 year subscription.
Its recommended to purchase a 2 year subscription as Google is
more inclined to display websites that appear to be around for the long term.

Do Not Buy into any of the up sells. You Do Not Need Them.
You have everything you need for hosting with Income Activator.

A friend of mine was buying an $11.99 Domain Name, but when going through the process of purchasing it on GoDaddy,
the GoDaddy Rep made it sound like he needed 'other stuff'. He didn't & you don't!
My friend was about to pay over $400!!! for an $11.99 Domain Name when I stopped him from being taken.

Your Income Activator program has everything you need. Just buy the name for $11.99.

How To Register Your Domain Name
Go to or click on this logo.GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar.
Enter your Domain Name in GoDaddy's search box, select an exchange (ie. .com) and click on GO.
If the Domain Name is available, proceed to Check Out.
(Warning: NDo Not pay any more than $20.00 per year for a Domain Name)

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