How To Open a YouTube Account

To Register for YouTube, click here.

Below is the step by step process to create a YouTube account.

You will need to create an account in order to upload videos to YouTube. Videos are a great way to market your business and generate traffic.

Go to YouTube and click on 'Create Account'. YouTube will automatically link your Gmail Account to their system.

How Your Website Name Will Appear

When providing your information Always Put A Cap At The Beginning Of Each Word as it will be easier for people to read.
It will ask you for a Username, be careful as this name will be displayed . . . in Blue and this becomes a link that goes back to your YouTube account displaying all of your videos. Your Username will allow for 20 characters (A-Z), or numbers (1-9), with no spaces in between.
I would put your website name in as your users account.

Check Availability Of Your User Name

Select a Username and click on 'Check Availability' before filling out the entire form because if the Username is not available, it will clear all of the information that you entered. Once you have found an available Username, complete the form.

 Getting Into Your Account

Enter in your gmail and password and click on the 'Link accounts' button. 

Selecting Your Account

Click on the tab with your user name, in this case 'WhoLetTheDogIn', and from the drop down menu select 'Account'.

Profile Set Up

You have the option of filling out a Profile to do the following: Playback Set Up, Email Options, Activity Sharing, Privacy, and Mobile Setup.
None of these will affect how your video appears on YouTube, although you should take advantage of the personalized options.
Click on the tab with your Username, and from the drop down menu select 'My Videos'. You will now be able to upload videos to your site.
Click on this link to see  How To Put A Video On YouTube.

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