How To Get Search Engines To Display A Video On YouTube For Online Searches 

You can find a video on YouTube, download it onto your computer, and then upload it into your YouTube account and use it to get traffic to your website.
Amazing but true, you can actually take someone's video and upload it as your own, as long as its not a production, or their own work. Most videos on YouTube are people posting videos they have found online.
Optimize your video for search engines by describing what the video is about with keywords that people are searching for online.
To do this use the Google Keyword Planner. When completing the description as you are uploading the video to YouTube, make sure that your Titles, and the description you use are words people are searching for and that they match what your video is about.
To use the Keyword Planner, click here. To see how to use the Keyword Planner, click here.

 Upload A Video To YouTube

1. In order to upload a video to YouTube, you must first have downloaded a video from YouTube. To view how, click here

Uploading The Video To YouTube

1. Click on the upload link.
If you don't have a YouTube account, you'll need to register first. To do that click here.

Uploading The Video From Your Computer To YouTube

1. Click the yellow upload button.


 Locate The Video In Your Video Library

1. Locate where you saved the video on your computer.

Highlight it and click on the Open button. 

Optimizing Your Video To Be Found By Online Searches

1. You will see it uploading as the blue continues to appear.

Fill in the Title with the description of what your video is about. Always use you Keyword Planner to make sure you are using keywords people are searching for online. To view the Keyword Planner, click here.

Fill in the Description, starting with your Domain Name, beginning with http:// or your website will not be linked.

Then give a description, again using as many 'Related Keyword Phrases' to your 'Main Keyword Phrase' as you can. In this example the Main Keyword Phrase is 'Funny Animal Video.'

The Related Keyword Phrases we used were 'Funny Dog Video' and 'Bull Terrier' and 'Funny Animal Video Clip' all taken from the Google Keyword Planner. (Only 135 characters, including spaces are show on the YouTube Search Results).

Fill in the Tags with one word descriptions that can be used in any combination to describe what your video is about.

Words that can't be separated, put in quotations. For example the words Funny / Dog / Clip can all be used in any combination to describe what the video is about. However, 'Bull' is not accurate without the word 'Terrier' included, therefore that combination of words needs to be in quotes.

Select a category.

Click Public so it can be found by online searches.


Click Save Changes.

Click to view your video.

Adding Your Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is very important, it shows up as a picture beside your video's title in search results. It also shows up on the right when people are watching videos related to yours.

Go to the video you've just uploaded.

1. Click on 'Edit'

1. Select the thumbnail you would like to use for your video.

2. Click on 'Save changes'.

Keyword Research Example

This is how we went about determining what was going to be our Main Keyword Phrase for the video, and what are the Related Keyword Phrases, based on the search volumes.
1. We entered in the search terms: ' Funny Animal Videos,' 'Funny Dog Videos,' 'Bull Terrier' and 'Bull Terrier Playing.'

2. Click on ideas related to these search terms. 
3.  Click Search.
4.  Bull Terrier comes up
5. When you click on the Local Monthly Title to show the highest search volumes first.
6. 1,500,000 searches are shown per month for the keyword 'Bull Terrier,' therefore we know this is a keyword that is related to our video that people are searching for. Therefore, we should use it as a 'Relate Keyword' phrase.
7. There are zero searches for 'Bull Terrier Playing' so this is a keyword Phrase we should not consider using.
8. 'Funny Animal Video Clips' is most accurate to our video, and has 40,500 searches so this would be a good 'Main Keyword' phrase to use.
9. 'Funny Dog Video' has 27,100 searches so this would be a good 'Related Keyword' phrase to use. 

Your Done!

1. When someone clicks the link, they will go to your website.

Adding The Video To Your Website

Now we will show you how to upload your YouTube Video to your website, click here.


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