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When you are deciding what to focus your website on, don't get hung up on your dream product. Make sure the numbers work.

Make sure your goal is to make money and not to go broke trying to promote and sell your dream product.

Income Activator shows you how to make money online. It does NOT have magical powers.

You must do the work to make it happen and set realistic goals. One thing you can be excited about is knowing Google isn't selling a thing . . .  and makes millions a day for it!

Ask Yourself If people Want It

Ask Yourself... Is this being searched for online? Are people already selling it online?

Who is selling it? How they are selling it? How much are they selling it for?

Don't re-invent the wheel. See what other websites are doing to make money.

To do this, do a search through Google by entering the search term you would use to find websites in your area of interest. Then click on the advertisers' links at the top and right hand side of Google's search results.

Here you will see websites actively selling and how they're selling. The organic websites that come up in the white section may not be good examples of how to sell as they may only be providing content.

Some people think that if they put up a website, people will come. They won't. You have to promote your website, just like a real business.

Your website is simply a place where you can sell your product or create revenue streams through click ads, leads, affiliate links and so forth, at a very low cost compared to opening up a corner store.

Traffic + Conversion = Money

Be smart and gravitate to where the money is. You'll have a better chance of making money that way. Ensure your product is in a market where people have the money to buy it.

For example, golfers spend money on everything golf. Compare this to selling a magic trick to kids. It may be the best magic trick in the world, but kids don't have money!

If your revenue model is based on visitors clicking on ads, affiliate links or selling leads, make sure people are searching for this online. You can see how to do that from our Keyword Research article.

Make sure your business model makes sense and is a real business, providing real value to both consumers and advertisers.

A revenue model for the Internet is as follows:

Traffic + Conversion = Money

Traffic: Getting people to your website.

Conversion: Having a visitor do an action: buy, click or complete a form.

Money: It is the action taken by your visitor traffic that generates revenue.

Do The Math

1.  Decide how much money you want your website to generate in the first year. Let's say it's $100,000.

2.  Divide $100,000 by 365 days. You need to make $274 a day, or $1,923 a week to meet your target of $100,000.

3.  Determine how much product you need to sell per day or how many visitors you need to click on your ads, affiliate links or whatever your revenue model is to hit your target income.

This is the time to be honest with yourself. Is your goal realistic?

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