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banner adHow To Register For Google AdSense

Gmail Account:  You will need a Google GMail email address before signing up. It's free. If you don't have one, click here.

Google AdSense Registration:
 To register for AdSense, click here.

Google Ads On Your Website: How to place ads on your website, click here.

Google pays you when a visitor from your website clicks on an ad.

All you need to do is register and select what kind of ads you want displayed on your website.

Below is an example of what Google ads look like. You can also select banner ads, however, link ads tend to look more like a resource than an actual ad and more likely to be clicked on.

To see a live example of what Google Ads look like, click here.

Complete Google's AdSense Application

Below are screen shots of how to register for AdSense. Once you register you can add Google ads to any of your website pages you want.

1. Yes, proceed to Google Account sign in If you have a Google or GMail account, click this button.

2. No, create a new Google Account  If you need to register for a Google Account, click this button. To see how to register for a Google Account, click here.

How to Add Google Ads to Your Website

Now you need to sign into your Google account.

1. Enter your Email Address.

2. Enter your Password.

3. Sign in

How to Add Google Ads to Your Website

1. Enter your website domain here.

2. Select your language.

3. Check off the box to agree to Google's terms and conditions.

4. Click on the 'Continue' button.

How to Add Google Ads to Your Website

1. Select your country.

2. Select which emails and newsletter you want Google to send you on a regular basis.

3. Click 'Submit My Application'.

How to Add Google Ads to Your Website

This is the next page, Google is currently reviewing your Google AdSense account. Once you get past the first level of review, you'll receive the email shown below.

How to Add Google Ads to Your Website

This is the email Google will send you after the first level of review. You can now create Ads and place them on your website, but they won't be displayed until your account is fully approved.

To see how to create and place Google AdSense ads, click here.

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