Here is how to link to an Affiliate site when promoting them.

These links are done with either Banners or Text Linking.

The example we're using is with

These websites chance their forms often, so if they have, follow the general idea and you should be able to figure it out. If not, you can always call the affiliate company directly.

Click on Get Links.


Click on By Relationship

Type in the advertiser you're looking for and click the Find button.
Or scroll down and click on View Links next to the advertiser you want.

This will bring up all of my possible choices with regards to; banner links, text links, box links, etc.

Click on Get HTML.


Highlight the code and click copy with your mouse.


Click on the Page Title you want the banner to be displayed.


At the bottom of your Content Manager there is a link entitled HTML.
Click on it and it will open up your page where you will see your page's code.

Paste the Affiliate Code here. Then click Normal.
You will then see your Banner on the page.

Now you have your banner link on your page, as seen below.
You can move the Banner anywhere you want at this point.
You should also make a purchase to ensure your affiliate link works. You can then refund your purchase, again to see if the process works too.
You always want to experience, first hand what your visitor experiences.
You should also have a way of your visitor returning to your website after the purchase to track your results, and to keep them in your buying process.
One way of doing that is to offer them something free, like a How To Guide, relating to their purchase.

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