The best way to get the search engines to pull up your website page is to use the Google Keyword Planner and find out what people are searching for online and include in your SEO Page Description that is related to your page content.
To use the Google Keyword Tool, you need to register for Google’s Free AdWord Program.

Google pulls up links to websites related to what you are searching for. This is how Google displays a search result.


SEO Title
The title underlined in blue is your page’s SEO Title which describes what your page is about.
When you enter in your SEO Title use under 60 characters including spaces.
The best SEO Title would be 2-3 keywords that describes what your page is about and 2-3 keywords that describe what the benefit someone would be getting from your Product or Service.
Use your most important keywords at the beginning of the SEO Title.

You can also include your website name in the SEO title if it Relevant keywords to what your website is about, as shown in this example.


Page Description
Your SEO Page Description should include additional keywords that relate to your SEO Title and page content. To find out related keywords, use the Google Keyword Tool, enter in your main keywords, and look for other similar keywords that you can use in your SEO Page Description.
Note: Google also pulls keywords from your page content from online searches which sometimes displays a portion of your page content instead of the description you've written here.

Page Address
The Page Address appears in green in the Google Search Result. It shows your domain name ( and your page address (/Work-From-Home.htm).
Your Income Activator website automatically fills in your Page Address from your Page Title when you create a new Page.
You have the option of changing your keywords for a broader scope.
For Example: If your Page Title was 'Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes' you could use related keywords like 'Lowest-Auto-Insurance-Rates' in your SEO Page Address.

Use your most important keywords at the beginning of the Page Address. 

 Page Content
All of your pages should gives your visitors an action to do that leads to your sales path, which creates revenue for you.
The first sentence should contain your main keywords.
Your first paragraph should contain a link your main keyword phrase to an authority site such Wikipedia, Government Websites, or News Websites. This also adds credibility to your site.
This link should go to a new window so that visitors do not leave your website.
A information or article page should contain 350-500 words including related keyword phrases which can be found by using your Google Keyword tool.
You should add your main keyword phrase to the middle and last paragraph of your page.
You should write your content as if the visitor has already decided to buy your product or service and you should talk about what they receive as a result of their good decision to purchase.
Example for Car Insurance Quoting Service: I'm not trying to convince them to do a car insuracne quote, I'm telling them what they will get after they complete the action that makes me money.
"After finding the lowest car insurance rate, you will be given the insurance company contact information."
Example For An Online Pet Store: After you purchase this dog food, it will be at your front door the next day.
Google gives priority to Pages with Pictures over Pages just containing text.

Google Image Search is another way for Visitors to find to find your website.

You can use other pictures you find online, but using your own Pictures will get you more exposer because Google does not show duplicate pictures for search results.

When a visitor finds a Picture they like on Google Image Search they will go to your website to find more pictures like it, or content relating to that picture.

It is recommended you add as many pictures to a page as possible without making it look ridiculous.

You can also add Photo Albums to your Income Activator website, to see how, click here.



Google gives priority to Pages with Videos over Pages with Pictures and Text.

YouTube is also another way for Visitors to find to find your website.

You don’t even need to create your own videos, you can find and use videos on YouTube that are relevant to your Page content.

If you find a video on YouTube you want on your website, you should download it first because if the person that put up the video takes it down, it will no longer show on your website.

The advantages of downloading the video and putting it on your account is that you can create your own Title, add your own keywords, and even a link to your website on the video or in the video details.

To see how to download a video from YouTube, click here.

Many people are now using YouTube as a search tool for finding how-to information and so forth.

That being said, creating your own videos adds additional credibility and when a visitor finds one of your Videos they like on YouTube they will go to your website to find more videos like it, or content relating to the video.

To learn how to SEO your Videos on YouTube, click here.


Google found that people are using YouTube to do online searches.
In this example you can see that ABCNews downloaded this video from the Official Guilty Dog guy and uploaded it to their own account with a link to their website and has over 650,000 hits.

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