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There is a huge selection of products you can sell immediately.

These can get these products from Affiliates.

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ID Page Description
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Advatages & Disadvantages

Be informed,
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 Be Passionate

You can have a website about anything want.

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Online Searches / Website Focus / Keyword Domain Name
1.  You need to know what people are searching for online, and
how much advertisers are willing to pay to get those visitors to their websites.

2.  Knowing this, you can decide what topic to focus your website on to take advatage online searches & advertisers paying for this traffic.

3. Then you can select a Keyword Enriched Domain Name that will attract visitor traffic to your website.
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Choosing & Registering Your Website Domain Name
 Your Website Name is commonly referred to as a Domain Name.
 Here's how to select your Website's Domain Names, click here.

Attaching Your Domain Name To Your Website

Your website is not visible to the public until we attach
your website name to your Income Activator website. 

Once you have your Domain i Name(s) registered
with either GoDaddy or someone else, click here.

You can also forward your Domain Name to your website when it's live, here's how.

Creating a Business Email Acount
Google offers a free business email account that operates exactly like Gmail,
but your email can include your website address.
It's a lot more professsional looking.
To see how and where to register for a business email, click here.  

Adding  Google AdSense for Ads to be Displayed on Your Website
To register for Google's free AdSense program
placing ads on your website pages, click here

Add Google Anayltics to Track Your Visitor Traffic
It is important to if you are getting visitors to your website.
Google Analytics is a free program that will track your visitor traffic and much more.
To see what if offers, click here.
How To add Google Analytics to your website, click here 
Privacy Policy


You need to respect, and inform your visitors of your Privacy Policy.

There are many ways of doing this. To view, click here.

Know Your Sales Path
 When ever a visitor comes to your website,
you need to have created a clear sales path
that they follow, that earns you money.
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How To Target Your Website Into Your Niche Market - use keyword and stay loyal


How to Get people to Your Website through SEO techniques



How to get people to click on the ads from the content you put up

 Email Marketing

How to collect email adresses and build a client list, click here


How to get higher click revenue

Advanced Intenet Markting techniques

Advanced Traffic Getting  Techniques


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