Before you contact live support please try 2 things that may correct our problems immediately as you will be asked to do this by when you call.
1.  Reboot your computer, then see if this has fixed your problem.
2.  If you're having problems with a page, we suggest you copy ALL the content in the grey box located under your content box.
This will get rid of formatting issues that are causing the page to corrupt.


You can choose which Technical Support works best for you.

You can email us at

You can click on the 'Get Support' tab located at the top right hand side of your Income Activator Content Manager (beside your Log Out tab).

Telephone: 1-416-875-4044Toll Free: 1-877-203-7042

Remote Access:
We can also access your computer remotely. To do this you will need to install a program called Cross Loop.

It is very simple to do,
here's how. Here's how to have our Technical Support Dial In

Programming Resources

There are several online resources you can use for your programming needs.

To learn more, click here.

Income Activator Offers Programming
If you require more than what this website program is programmed to do, programming costs are $60 per hour.
For a quote on the work needed please complete the form below:

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